Tracey Turner was fostered by Pippa and Michael in June 1991 after her sick grandmother was unable to care for her anymore. She had a bitter rivalry with Sophie Simpson, with one of their fights resulting in Tracey cracking one of her ribs. Tracey taunted Sophie over her friendship with Margaret Lynch, the new English teacher at Summer Bay High who's deceased daughter resembled Sophie. Tracey formed an alliance with the rebellious Karen Dean in getting Sophie in trouble. Despite her bitchy attitude, Tracey formed a close bond with Sally Fletcher and flirted with Haydn Ross on her first night at the Ross house. Her commupance came when Sophie recorded Tracey taunting her the night before on her stereo about tearing pages out of Margaret's book. Angry at being caught out and deeply hurt that Pippa and Michael didn't help her, Tracey is sent to another foster home.

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