Tori Morgan
Occupation Doctor
Residence 13 Headey Road
Gender Female
Relationships Nate Cooper (ex-boyfriend)
Duncan Stewart (ex-boyfriend)
Riley Hawkins (ex-boyfriend)

Martin Ashford (boyfriend)

Family Koby Lee (father, deceased)

Kate Lee (mother, deceased)
Justin Morgan (brother)
Brody Morgan (brother)
Mason Morgan (brother)
Raffy Morrison (half-sister)
Beth Cullen (grandmother)
Ava Gilbert (niece) Buddy (pet dog)

First Appearance 5 May 2016
Portrayed by Penny McNamee

Tori Morgan, also known as Tessa Lee, is a doctor of Summer Bay. She's the sister of Justin, Brody and Mason Morgan. She's the first Morgan sibling of four arriving to the Bay, to see if Summer Bay was safe for her brothers.

She is the first middle Morgan child, according to Brody. She is Riley Hawkins, Duncan Stewart and Nate Cooper's ex-girlfriend and Martin Ashford's current love interest and girlfriend.


Tori was born as Tessa Lee, to Koby and Kate Lee. Seven years before she and her brothers, Jack (Justin), Bart (Brody) and Michael (Mason) moved to Summer Bay, Koby and Kate were murdered by Ranae Turner, Blaine Varden and Kevin "Spike" Lowe, who are still threatening her and her family. The Lees goes under witness protection by the police and were given new identities for protection and goes under as the Morgans, and Tessa becomes Tori Morgan. Before being in witness protection, Tori was in a relationship with a man named Riley Hawkins, but though he cheated on her and Tori end things with him.


Tori attends a hospital fundraiser at the Caravan Park, where gas tanks explode injuring many of the guests. She helps Roo Stewart, before declaring Oscar MacGuire dead.

At the hospital, Tori meets her new colleague Nate Cooper  and takes over the treatment of his wife Ricky Sharpe. She also treats Tank Snelgrove's head injury.

After nurse Hannah Wilson collapses with a brain haemorrhage, Tori has to tell Nate to stop chest compressions and declares her dead. Tori helps Maddy Osborne's injuries of her left arm and told Maddy that the only way to save her life to is to remove her arm.

Tori attends to a hospital staff-only party held at Angelo's and Tori sees Nate drunk and takes him home, where he confess to Tori that Ricky loves her ex, Darryl Braxton and not him. When Tori's three brothers, Justin, Brody and Mason arrives,

Justin gets into a fight with Martin Ashford. Tori shows them the house and was angry at Justin for getting to a fight on his arrival to the bay. After Nate and Ricky split up, all the nurses at the hospital blames Tori for Nate and Ricky's split.

Tori was upset and Nate tells all the nurses the real reason about his split with Ricky and that Tori had nothing to do with it. Tori and Nate works together when Alf suffered a heart attack. That night, Tori came to Nate's house and they drank wine together. Tori slept on the couch when Nate ordered pizza from Angelo's.

Tori began to have feelings for Nate. Tori found out that Mason told his ex-girlfriend, Lara Adams about them being under witness protection and the Morgans were forced to leave the bay. Tori saved Nate, who was found unconscious and Nate couldn't remember what happened to him. Tori checked the security footage on the night Nate collapsed and sees Nate being drugged by Spike Lowe, an enemy behind her parents deaths. Tori returns home and Spike broke in and held her hostage. Justin came to rescue her and Spike threatens to hurt Tori if Justin refuse to give him a book.

But Tori and Justin doesn't know what he was talking about and Justin tackles Spike to the ground, while Tori used pepper spray on Spike's face. Spike escaped and the Morgans left the bay and hid in a house by the bushes. The Morgans found out that Lara helped Spike and Blaine Varden to find them and Blaine held the siblings hostage and told them that he killed their parents and wanted Justin to be killed too, but their mother got in the way. Tori contacted her police protector, Decker and he and his squad found them and arrest Blaine and Lara, but Spike escaped, who attacked Brody. The siblings return to the bay to take Brody to the hospital. Tori and Mason was angry at Justin for not telling them who killed their parents and Tori had no choice but to kick Justin out of their own home.

Nate decided to cheer Tori up, by playing volleyball by the beach, swim at the pool and have lunch. At the diner, Tori was hurt when she sees him kissing Danika Kulevski who Nate introduced to. That afternoon, Tori came to see Nate and tells him that he should have go with Danika. But Tori unaware that Nate has feelings for her, not Danika. Tori meets Roo's half brother, Duncan Stewart (Benedict Wall) and befriended him. Tori continues to see Duncan and Nate grew jealous of Tori's relationship with Duncan. That afternoon, Nate came to see her at her house and admit his feelings to her, saying she is amazing. Tori tells Nate that he should leave and he left with Tori being confused. Tori was surprised to see Mason moving on from Lara and start seeing Evelyn MacGuire, but Mason corrected Tori that he and Evie are just friends. When Tori's 30th Birthday came by, Duncan spoils her with a plane ride with some friends to celebrate her birthday. Nate and Tori rekindle their friendship and Tori invites him, Brody, Mason, Evie, Leah Patterson-Baker, Irene Roberts and Billie Ashford to the plane ride. Justin says Happy Birthday to Tori, but Tori refused to forgive him after that.

During the plane ride, everyone passed out and the plane crash. Everyone survived, but Brody went missing. Tori went to a search to find Brody with Nate and Duncan. The trio spend two days in the bushes to find him. On the third day, Nate and Duncan takes Tori back to the plane crash site, without telling her, but Tori wasn't fooled and knew that they were walking back to the crash site. Tori returns back to find Brody. Soon, someone came by and Tori thought it was Brody, but it was Justin, who went finding them and Tori reunite with her brother and the siblings, Nate and Duncan went to find Brody together. They went on a cliff and found Brody lying on the ground near the cliff, Tori was shocked of the sight of her younger brother.

The four found Brody fallen off a high cliff and they send him to the hospital. Tori and Duncan started dating, but their relationship became a third wheel, when Duncan's ex-wife, Caroline Stewart (Nicole Shostak) came to the Bay with their son, Bryce Stewart (Ace and Jack Long). Caroline came to the hospital to see Tori and threatens her to stay away from Duncan. Tori breaks up with Duncan. A few months later, Duncan and Tori got back together, after Caroline and Bryce returned to Hawaii, leaving Nate hurt, who still has feelings for Tori. Tori and Nate argues during a volleyball game with John Palmer (Shane Withington) and Phoebe Nicholson (Isabella Giovinazzo) and Nate tells Tori that he wants to leave Summer Bay, which upsets Tori. Duncan recieved a call from Alf that Caroline was injured and that Duncan decided to return to Hawaii to look after her, and asked Tori to come with him, but she declines and they broke up for good, and Duncan returns to Hawaii. When Nate was about to go Bali for the week, Tori asked him if he would like to go out for a drink with her when he returns, and he accepts her offer. When Nate returns, he asked her out on a date. Tori and her brothers told their half-sister, Raffy Morrison (Olivia Deeble), that their parents were murdered and that they are under witness protection.

When Raffy was missing, Tori ends her shift at the hospital to find her, Nate and Tori got trapped inside the elevator. While being trapped, Tori shows Nate the plane ticket that Duncan send her, so she can to go to Hawaii to see him, but Tori told Nate that she decided not to go. Tori then kisses Nate and they had sex in the elevator. Hours later, the elevator was working again and Tori went to the farmhouse and see Phoebe, who noticed a hickey on Tori's neck, recieved by Nate. That night, Tori came to see Nate to talk about their hook up in the elevator. Tori said she wants this more than just a casual relationship or a hook up. But Nate claims that he doesn't do casual relationships and Tori and Nate starts a relationship as a couple.

However Nate accepted another job and end things with Tori, as he cannot handle long distance relationships. When Leah, Alf and Nate invites Justin and Tori to lunch at Salt, Tori gets drunk and argues with Nate and accuses him for still loving Ricky. The next day, she apologises to Nate and they hug goodbye before Nate leaves Summer Bay. Tori quickly moves on when she starts to like Ash, but Ash is dating Katarina Chapman (Kat) and Kat was jealous of Ash and Tori's friendship.

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