The Bait Shop
Owner Alf Stewart
Employees Hugo Austin
Harvey Ryan
Denny Miller
Justin Morgan
Products Bait
Fishing Equipment
Boating Suplies
Location Summer Bay Pier
Real Life Location The Boathouse, Palm Beach, NSW
The Bait Shop is a local business owned by Alf Stewart.


It was intended to be a business venture between Alf and his grandson Ric Dalby, but Ric instead moved to university with his girlfriend, Matilda Hunter. Bridget worked at the shop until she was arrested. Hugo Austin also worked there as a diver. Alf also ran a Bait Shop around 1997 – 1999, Alf was a business partner with Jesse McGregor, this Bait Shop was destroyed by fire caused by Jesse after Jesse decided he no longer wanted to be part of the business. Harvey Ryan(Marcus Graham) also worked at the bait shop. Following his departure, Denny Miller replaced him, until her death. In 2016, Justin Morgan joins the business and became a temporary manager, when Alf suffered a massive heart attack and stroke.

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