Tank Snelgrove
Occupation Student
Gender Male
Relationships Evelyn MacGuire


Maddy Osborne

(flirted with)

Skye Peters


Family Greg Snelgrove


Mrs Snelgrove

(mother; deceased)

First Appearance 9 September 2015
Last Appearance 2 June 2016
Portrayed by Reece Milne
Wayne "Tank" Snelgrove is the only son of former Summer Bay School Principal, Greg Snelgrove and Mrs Snelgrove. He's the bad boy and causes a lot of trouble in the Bay. He is Evelyn McGuire's ex-boyfriend and Skye Peters's current boyfriend and love interest.

Background Information

Before living in Summer Bay, Tank and his parents were robbed by a robber one night, after a night-out, demanding for money and Tank's mother was killed during the incident and Greg was unable to save her and Tank watched her die from blood loss. After her death, Tank was furious with his father for not saving his mother.


Tank accidentally bumps into Evelyn MacGuire on the beach. He apologises and tells her that he will see her around. They later run into each other at Angelo's and Tank asks Evie for her number. They later meet up for a date at the beach. Evie's ex-boyfriend, Josh Barrett notices Tank and Evie together, and he tries to warn Evie off him.

Tank and Evie spend more time together and consummate their relationship, but they forget to use protection. After spending the evening at his place, Evie questions Tank's commitment to her, after a comment from one of his friends. Tank flirts with Maddy Osborne , leading Evie to ask if they can slow their relationship down.

Tank becomes angry and walks away. She later witnesses Tank arguing with Greg Snelgrove (Paul Gleeson) on the beach and Tank reveals that Greg is his father. He tells Evie that Greg is physically abusive towards him. Tank gets a tattoo with the letter "E" for Evelyn on his arm and they confess their love for each other. Evie's love for Tank gets stronger. Leah Patterson-Baker (Ada Nicodemou) confronts Greg about him abusing Tank but Greg says that he didn't do it and Tank is manipulative. At Maddy's 18th birthday party Tank wants to meet up with Evie but she doesn't want to leave the party so Tank brings a lot of his mates to Maddy's party.

They then trash the place leading one of them throwing an aerosol can into the fire which explodes and James Edmunds gets hurt. Leah and Evie's uncle, Zac MacGuire forbid Evie to see Tank. One night he sneaks into Evie's room and stays the night but is seen by VJ Patterson as he leaves off the roof the following morning. Evie gets into trouble and Tank convinces her to runaway with him. They do and Evie's family is worried about where they are. Tank becomes aggressive and scares Evie who wants to leave but is prevented. She uses Tank's phone to send a map of where she is to Josh. Tank catches her and Evie runs away into the bush. Tank chases after her and Josh goes to the location of the map. He guesses that Evie is in the bush and it is confirmed by Tank's shouts that he will find her.

Josh goes into the bush and finds her and brings her back home. He leaves Evie at home and tells her he will visit her that evening but while leaving the caravan park Tank runs up behind him and punches him in the back of the head leaving him unconscious and in a coma for a long time. Tank planted a fake note saying there is a bomb in his fathers office and the HSC exam is stopped and the school is evacuated. Tank texts Evie saying if she doesn't come to him he will explode the 'bomb'. Evie finds him Tank opens up about his past and his mother's death. They are found by police and Tank is arrested over the bomb hoax and Josh's punch.

A few months later, Greg learns Zac was in prison with Tank and that his son saved Zac when he was stabbed by a group of prisoners. Greg visits Tank and realises he has been beaten up by the same group of prisoners. When Zac also visits, one of the prisoners stabs Tank. He is taken to the hospital and treated by Doctor Anna Griffin. Josh comes to see Tank, who tries to apologise for what he did, but Josh attacks him when Tank mentions Evie's name. Evie also visits Tank and he tells her he has changed. Zac helps Tank get parole. While out jogging, Tank collapses in pain and Skye Peters helps him. After they spend the afternoon together, Skye invites Tank to a party that night. As they arrive, Josh attempts to attack Tank again and he leaves, as Skye realises who he is. She comes to find him and asks him about kidnapping Evie and punching Josh.

The following day, VJ sees Skye and Tank together and he tells Tank to get away from Skye. When Tank tells Skye that they cannot hang out anymore, she kisses him. He asks her to come back to his place, but she tells him that kissing is a far as she is going, which he respects. VJ catches them kissing and Tank leaves. At the beach, Tank tells Skye that he thought that he and Evie would be together forever and Skye realises that he still loves Evie. Josh confronts Tank and tells him to stay from them. Josh's older brother, Andy Barrett  also threatens Tank. Skye apologises for telling Evie about his feelings for her, and they continue to spend time together. Tank decides to attend a hospital fundraiser at the Caravan Park, but Andy Barrett follows him and they fight.

They knock over some gas canisters, which are then ignited by a loose wire and cause an explosion, which killed Oscar and his aunt, Hannah Wilson . Andy later finds an injured Tank wandering in the road and he is taken to the hospital. Tank was questioned by the police about the explosion and Tank told Skye that he caused the explosion that killed Oscar, Skye was furious and ends her friendship with Tank. Everyone found out that Tank caused the explosion and Zac attacks Tank.

Greg knew Tank wasn't responsible and knows that his son was trying to protect someone. Tank told Andy that he going to arrest himself to the police. Tank was arrested for the explosion and killing Oscar and Hannah. But Tank was bailed, when Andy turns to the police. Skye knew about Tank protecting Andy and confronts Tank. He told her and found out that Skye told Evie, which angered him. But he reconciles with Skye. Skye's foster father, John Palmer was not happy with Tank and Skye's relationship. When Skye told Tank that she is ready to sleep with him, he tries to be careful and make sure if Skye is really ready. They slept together at Skye's house.

Tank found out that his father was offered a job in the city and wants Tank to comes with him to start a new life, since the Bay doesn't give him a second chance. Skye decided to join him, but Greg refuses. Tank then leaves Summer Bay with Skye to start a new life together. Tank's name was mentioned by Skye when she returns to the Bay a week later to get her other belongings.


Tank has short-cut dirty blond hair and blue eyes. He wore shirts, jeans and shorts and sneakers or thongs. He wore many jewellery on him. He has an E tattoo under his right arm.


Greg Snelgrove

Greg is Tank's father and the only family member he's got. Greg became a single parent to Tank after Mrs Snelgrove was murdered. Tank blamed his father for not saving his mother and their relationship was strained. Greg became abusive to Tank and hits him when he disobeyed him. But Greg loves his son no matter what. Greg tried to tell Tank to leave Evelyn alone, Tank refuses. Greg was angry at Tank for putting Josh in hospital. Tank was not happy when Greg wants to leave Summer Bay, which Tank has to go with him and leave his girlfriend, Skye behind. Tank asked Greg if Skye could come with them, but Greg refuses, but Tank doesn't want to let Skye go and Tank leaves the Bay with Skye without telling Greg. Greg always call his son by his full name: Wayne.

Mrs Snelgrove

Mrs Snelgrove was Tank's mother. She doesn't appear on-screen, but was mentioned by Tank and her husband, Greg. Before Tank and Greg moved to Summer Bay, Mrs Snelgrove was murdered by a robber. The Snelgroves were robbed one night, after a night-out and Mrs Snelgrove was killed during the incident, but Greg couldn't save her and Tank watched his mother die from blood loss. Tank blamed his father for her death.

Josh Barrett

Josh is Tank's love rival and enemy. He grew jealous of Tank, who started dating his ex, Evelyn and Josh pushes Tank when he thought Tank was attacking Evelyn. After Josh saved Evelyn from Tank, and was about to confront him at the caravan park, Tank coward punch Josh at the back of the head and flee from the scene, leaving Josh in a coma and losing his eyesight. When Tank returned to the Bay, Josh blamed him for his condition and Tank tried to apologize to him, but Josh refuse to forgive him.

Oscar MacGuire

Oscar is one of Tank's enemies and the twin brother of his girlfriend, Evelyn. Tank and Oscar met at the diner and befriended. But Oscar sees Tank as a bad influence and dislikes him. Oscar was furious at Tank for hitting on his girlfriend, Maddy and crashing into her 18th Birthday Party, causing the two to fight. Oscar refuse to forgive Tank after what he did to Josh and Evelyn.

Zac MacGuire

Zac is the uncle of Oscar and Tank's girlfriend, Evelyn. Zac and Tank met when Evelyn introduced them. But Zac sees Tank as trouble. When Zac was in prison for Charlotte King's murder, Tank was his cellmate and Tank saved and protected Zac from a group of prisoners. After Zac was released, Tank was then beatened by the same group of prisoners. When Zac came to see Tank, a prisoner stabbed Tank and Zac saved him. But Zac was angry when he learnt that Tank caused the caravan explosion that killed Oscar and Hannah and blames Tank for it.

Andy Barrett

Andy is Tank's frenemy and the older brother of Josh. When Tank returned to the Bay and met Andy at the gym. Andy reveals to Tank that he's Josh brother and was angry at him for putting Josh in hospital. Tank tries to apologize to him, but Andy refuses his apology and threatens him. When Tank tries to get the the hospital fundraiser event, Andy tries to stop him from going and they fight upon the arrival. After the explosion, Andy found Tank injured and took him to hospital and told Tank that Oscar is dead. Tank decided to take the blame to protect Andy.

VJ Patterson

VJ is one of Tank's enemies. VJ spotted Tank on the roof of his house by his step-cousin, Evelyn's bedroom window. VJ watches as Tank crashes Maddy's birthday party.When Tank returned to the bay and dated VJ's friend, Skye. VJ attacked Tank, VJ also caught him kissing Skye.

Azza Mason

Azza is Tank's best friend. The two boys have been best mates ever since and they and their mates crashed Maddy's 18th party.

Love Interests

Evelyn MacGuire

Evelyn is Tank's ex-girlfriend. They met at the beach when he accidentally bumped into her. They met again at Angelo's and he asked her for her number. They went then start a relationship and had sex without protection. Tank gets an E tattoo under his right arm, while Evie gets a T tattoo on her right front-side of her waist. When Evie's family and friends told her to stay away from Tank, Evie refuses and turned against them. They ran away together, but Evelyn discovered his true colours and realised that he's kidnapping her. Tank locked Evie in a shed and took her phone, so her family and friends won't find her. Evelyn manage to send a text and a map to Josh and Evelyn hits Tank in the groin and makes a run and Tank chases after her, but lost her when Josh found her first. Tank texts Evie to come and him and threatens to explode the school if she refuses. Tank tells Evie that he wants her to come with him, but she refuses and he confessed to her that he was the one who punched Josh. Tank told Evie the story how he witnessed his mother being killed. When Tank was back in town, Evie refuses to forgive him for what he did to her and to Josh.

Maddy Osborne

Maddy is Evie's best friend and the girlfriend of Evie's brother, Oscar. Maddy met Tank when Evie introduced them and Tank and Maddy started to talk and Tank began to flirt with her, and Maddy became scared, since she's in a relationship with Oscar.

Skye Peters

Skye is Tank's current girlfriend and the friend of Evelyn and Oscar. Tank met Skye after he collapsed at the beach while jogging after he recently recovered from his stabbing wound. Skye saw him collapsing and help him. She takes him to her house, where she shares with Irene Roberts and gave him food and water. After Skye introduced himself, Tank introduced Skye by his full name, Wayne. Skye invites him to Josh and Evie engagement party at the surf club as friends and he accepts. The two arrived and Skye found out that he's Tank, that everyone talked about, the man who was Evie's boyfriend and Josh's puncher. Skye confronts him and Tank tells Skye that he's not going to hurt her, like he did to Evie.

Skye tells Tank that she likes him, but he tells her that they can't hang out anymore, but Skye kissed him and they start dating. When Oscar and Hannah died from an explosion, Tank told Skye that he caused it and Skye breaks up with him. Skye knew Tank was protecting someone and asked him to tell her her truth, but he refuses and Skye threatens him that she'll be out of his life forever, if he doesn't tell her. Tank then told Skye that it was Andy. Skye and Tank reconcile and Skye lost her virginity to him. When Tank told Skye that he must leave her and move to the city with his father, Skye refuses to let him go and wants to join him. But when his father, Greg refuses, Skye decided that they should run away together, but Tank disagrees since he did that with Evie and it was worst, but Skye said that she's not his ex and confessed her love to him. The couple then ran away and start a new life together out of Summer Bay.


  • Tank's portrayer, Reece Milne auditioned for the role of Hunter King before auditioning for Tank.
  • He kept his E tattoo while in a relationship with Skye, while Evie had her T tattoo removed.