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Summer Bay High is a local school in Summer Bay. The school teaches students aged 12–18. Most of the younger characters in Home and Away attend the school, and many of the adult characters have worked there . Summer bay school has been there ever since 1988.


Summer Bay High has commonly been used as a emergency shelter in extreme weather conditions such as cyclones and has been the scene of a hostage situation. During Donald Fisher's reign as Principal, Adult Evening classes were often held. The school was rebuilt in 1996 following a major earthquake that occurred in Summer Bay that year. In 2011, a storm occurred and did a great deal of damage, rendering the building unsafe. The school was rebuilt at the start of the 2012 school year. The school also has a library which has been seen only briefly on screen.



Character Actor Job Duration
Sophie Taylor Bridgette Sneddon Principal 2014–2014
Zac MacGuire Charlie Clausen Society and culture, History and English teacher 2013–
Leah Patterson-Baker Ada Nicodemou Counsellor 2013–


Character Actor Year Duration |}

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