Summer Bay Body & Soul
Owner Romeo Smith, Indigo Walker (2013)
Casey Braxton, Heath Braxton (2014)
Darryl Braxton (2015)
Employees Spencer Harrington
Maddy Osborne
Billie Ashford
Products Gym Equipment
Location Summer Bay Surf Life Saving Club
First Appearance 2013

Summer Bay Body & Sould is a public gym located downstairs in the Surf Club. The gym was owned by Romeo Smith and Indigo Walker.


Shortly after it opened in March 2013, Romeo departed the Bay, leaving Indi to run the business alone. She left the business to Casey and Heath after she departed in November 2013. Spencer Harrington worked as an employee in 2013, and left to return home in 2015. Maddy Osborne worked there in mid 2014, but was fired by Brax for stealing the business' money for buying new clothes and shoes.

Billie Ashford works there in early 2015, but left to recover her burns. But she returned to the job in 2016. After Casey's death in 2014, his brother Darryl Braxton bought the gym in his memory.In 2016, Billie was raped by an Irene Roberts long lost son, Mick during the end of the night shift. On the same year, Andy left the job while on the run and left the business to Billie.

The gym has not been as frequently seen in episodes recently.


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