• Salt
    Salt (previously Angelo's) – Located upstairs in the newly renovated SLSC is Salt, a restaurant replacing Noah's Bar as the only licensed premises in Summer Bay. It was initially a business venture by Angelo Rosetta after he was discharged from the Police force and it was always his dream to own his own restaurant after growing up with his parents running a restaurant. Indigo Walker worked there, but was fired by Angelo after she sold alcohol to Ruby Buckton without his permission. Darryl Braxton buys into the business and helps turn it into a successful pizza restaurant. Angelo and Darryl employ Xavier Austin and Casey Braxton to deliver pizza. Darryl eventually buys Angelo out after Angelo left the Bay in 2011. Heath Braxton briefly works there in 2012, and so does Liam Murphy. Indi returned working there briefly in 2012, but left. Xavier left the job in 2012, Kyle started working there in late 2012. Casey and Heath left their jobs in early 2013, to start working at the Body & Soul gym. Liam was then fired by Brax for stealing money at the restaurant. Tamara Kingsley worked there in 2013, but left in 2014 to return home to her family. Matt Page works there as a pizza deliverer in 2014. Josh Barrett works there as a pizza deliverer in 2014, but left in 2016 to go to university. Martin Ashford works there in late 2014. Brax left the job in 2015, while on the run. Then, Maddy Osborne started working there in mid 2015. In 2016, Ash left the job to start his own company and Kyle left the job after being arrested. Matt left the job in 2016 and Maddy leaves the bay on the same year. After Ricky leaves the Bay, Phoebe Nicholson is placed in charge and Brody Morgan becomes the new chef. He later buys the restaurant and renames it Salt. Brody's brother Mason Morgan works there part-time

Current employees

Character Actor Job Duration
Phoebe Nicholson Isabella Giovinazzo Waitress 2014–2017
Brody Morgan Jackson Heywood Chef/Manager 2016–
Mason Morgan Orpheus Pledger Waiter 2016–

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