Peter Baker
Peter Baker
Peter Baker
Occupation Police Detective
Residence The City
Gender Male
Relationships Clare Brody

(ex-fiancè )

Amanda Vale


Family Kevin Baker


Noelene Baker


Dan Baker

(Brother, deceased)

Drew Curtis


First Appearance 2004
Portrayed by Nicholas Bishop

Peter Baker is past character in Home and Away. He was portrayed by Nic Bishop . He was engaged to Amanda Vale and the father of Drew Curtis. He and Amanda left Summer Bay and moved to the city. They were later joined by Drew who moved from the Bay to continue his education living with his father and Amanda.

Peter came to the bay and instantly fell in love with Leah Patterson-Baker, who at the time was Leah Patterson. He was transfered from the city to investigate Sarah Lewis. He organised the residents of the bay to stay at Leah's house to keep a low profile. Sarah soon found where they were all hiding and as soon as Peter walked in he was hit over the head by the bottom of a gun by Sarah.

He lay in hospital in a coma, in that space of time his brother Dan Baker arrived in the bay and he as well fell in love with Leah. Dan and Leah started a relationship which was difficult for Leah to do as before he blacked out Peter told her that Leah's late husband Vinnie was alive.

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