Oscar McGuire
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Occupation Student
Residence The Farmhouse
Gender Male
Relationships Maddy Osborne (ex-girlfriend)
Family Ethan MacGuire (father)
Sarah MacGuire (mother)
Zac MacGuire (uncle)
Hannah Wilson (aunt)
Evelyn MacGuire (twin sister)
Denny Miller (half-sister) (deceased)
First Appearance 3 September 2013
Last Appearance 5 may 2016
Portrayed by Jake Speer
Oscar MacGuire is the nephew of  Zac MacGuire and the twin brother of Evelyn MacGuire, born 2 minutes after her. After, Oscar's mother, Sarah died, Ethan became responsible to look after him and Evelyn.


Oscar and Evelyn are introduced to the show when Zac visits them after he is told that they may be part of a cult that their father, Ethan, has involved them in. Oscar is uncomfortable with his father's decision to move him and Evelyn into the cult's camp. He knows something is wrong and tries to "maintain his individuality and survive." Its revealed that he is fifteen and has not seen much of the world, meaning he has missed out on having a normal teenage life.

Oscar got beatened up by the cult's leader, Murray Granger when calling Zac. Zac and the Braxtons were able to rescue him and Evelyn from lodge and take them to Summer Bay, but Evelyn believes Zac and the Braxtons are kidnapping her and Oscar. Hannah promise Oscar that she'll keep him away from the lodge and Evelyn wanted to leave the Bay and attacked Zac with a vase. Oscar calls Hannah about Evelyn's escape and that Kyle Braxton found Evelyn and took her back to the Bay.

Ricky Sharpe was able to talk to her and takes her and Zac to a camping trip before her and Oscar's birthday. On his 16th birthday, Murray turns up to the Bay and Evelyn wanted to return to the lodge with be with Ethan. Oscar struggles to live without his sister and Evelyn returns to the Bay with Murray to visit him. Oscar then attends to Summer Bay High and make friends with Maddy Osborne, Spencer Harrington, Sasha Bezmel and Josh Barrett. Oscar then gets bullied by a Mangrove River student, Matt Page and Oscar attacks him, but Zac breaks it apart.

Spencer gives Oscar a letter from Evelyn about Murray and Sasha tells Oscar that Spencer has joined the lodge and Oscar warns Spencer that the lodge is a cult and gives the letter to Hannah, who she and Zac runs to rescue Evelyn. Evelyn and Spencer was able to make out off the lodge in time and Evelyn tells him, Zac and Hannah about her getting wed to Spencer at the Discovery Weekend and also record a video about Murray attacking Spencer. Oscar and Evelyn return to the lodge to retrieve their belongings after it shuts down by the police and that Murray and Ethan are arrested. 

Ethan was released from prison and want Evelyn and Oscar to come back and live with him, but Oscar refuses to forgive his father for what he did to him and chose to stay with Zac and Hannah. Evelyn said she wants to stay where Oscar wants to stay. Evelyn soon joins Oscar at Summer Bay High and introduced her to Josh and Maddy. Oscar was shocked when Matt started wooing with Evelyn and warns her about Matt, but she refuses to listen to him.

Oscar and Evelyn goes to the music festival that Kyle and his ex-girlfriend, Tamara Kingsley organised. During the festival Oscar and Evelyn were kidnapped by their father and two men from the lodge. Kyle tries to rescue them, but was overpowered and takes Kyle with them and locked the threey away in a shipping crate. They are later rescued by Zac, Hannah, Casey Braxton and Tamara. Oscar learnt from Zac and Hannah that Ethan died from a bomb explosion at the hospital to see Hannah. Oscar and Evelyn witness Hannah and Zac kissing, knowing that they're in a relationship.

Evelyn struggles to cope Ethan's death and avoid Oscar's calls and spend with Matt. Oscar was angry at Evelyn for hooking up with Matt and Matt tries to say sorry for his loss, but Oscar refuses to listen and punches Zac, confronting him to hit him. Which Zac refuses.Oscar and Evelyn learnt that their father has a child before he married Sarah, identified as Denny Miller  and that she turns up at Ethan's funeral and that she's Oscar and Evelyn's half sister. Oscar wanted to meet Denny, but Evelyn refuses to meet her new sister and became rude to Denny when Denny shows up at their house. Oscar was angry at Evelyn for being abussive to Denny and soon Evelyn gets to know Denny and bonds with her.

Oscar became close to Maddy when Josh was upset about her kissing Spencer behind his back and also Josh threatens her that Oscar has an interest in her. Oscar develops a huge crush on Maddy but knows Maddy doesn't feel the same way.

While looking for Heath's kids, Oscar finds Zac passed out, drunk in a car Oscar attempts to drive him home. He does this so none of the students or staff at Summer Bay High see him like this. On his way home, Oscar hits Tamara with the car, not noticing what he had hit he just kept driving. Tamara is severely injured and when Oscar finds out he is mortified. Oscar tried to tell Emerson that he is the one responsible, but he didn't believe him, thinking he is covering for Zac, but was then charged after Sasha's article about the accident was published. But Oscar was not found guilty when Tamara didn't show up at court, since she departed the Bay. Oscar then develops cases of depression, anxiety and common panic attacks. But with the help of Dr Nate Cooper and Andy Barrett, Oscar starts to get his life back on track. Oscar goes to a community service, but was bashed up and goes to Andy for help.

Oscar  and Hannah discover drugs at the shed and believe Zac has set Andy up. Oscar learnt that Josh got bashed up at the caravan park and gets annoyed when Evelyn blames Andy for Josh's bashing. Oscar then tells Evelyn and Josh that Zac set up Andy with the drugs, but Evelyn refuses to believe him saying why Zac wanted to hurt Josh. But Oscar found out from Hannah that it was Andy who put the drugs at the shed, not Zac and that Zac was framed.

Oscar apologises to Zac and he forgives him saying it's just a mistake. Oscar learnt that Josh kissed Evelyn a few weeks ago and hide it behind Maddy's back and Josh tells her the truth which causes her and Josh to break up. Evelyn was angry at him for upsetting Maddy and after she walked away, Oscar convince Josh to go after Evelyn. Oscar began to tease his sister about her having Josh as a boyfriend and tells Hannah that Maddy hasn't been at school for a few days.

Evelyn arrange a family dinner for her, Zac, Oscar and Denny and didn't invite Hannah at all after she's still upset about Hannah blames Zac for Andy's drugs. But Oscar didn't turn up at dinner, after he leaves her a text message that he couldn't make it. He turns out to be with Maddy at the gym and Evelyn was upset at Oscar for choosing to be with Maddy instead of her, Zac and Denny. Evelyn realised Maddy is flirting with Oscar, so she could get back at her and warns him that Maddy's using him. But Oscar refuses to listen and spend with Maddy.

That night, Maddy kisses Oscar and they slept together, which angers Evelyn. But Maddy said to Oscar that their night was a mistake, which devastates Oscar. Oscar later invites Maddy to the formal and they start making their feelings more deeper which is partly severed when Evelyn tells him that something had happened to Casey.

On a movie night organised by John Palmer, Maddy collapses and she later discovered she is pregnant, and tells him not to worry, because he's not the father, Josh is and needs a friend to comfort her. Oscar and Maddy embrace and Oscar tells her everything will be OK. Oscar might be the father of Maddy's baby. But Maddy kept on denying that Josh is the father and Oscar doesn't know if he will let Josh make huge sacrifices for the baby that might not be Josh's

But when Maddy takes the ultrasound, there was no baby and Oscar and Josh are free from being fathers. Oscar learnt that Maddy is fallen ill and she has cancer, which shocks Oscar. With Maddy at hospital, Oscar gave Maddy a pink Teddy bear as a cheer up gift, and which named it Pink Ted. Maddy goes to her first chemotherapy session with Oscar by her side. Oscar then goes to buy Maddy some food, before her chemotherapy session, but when he returned to the hospital, he finds her gone and found a letter and Pink Ted on the chair.

Oscar reads the letter as Maddy's voiceover reads the words. Oscar realezed Maddy had ran away from the Bay to avoid herself to get tests for her cancer. Maddy letter says that she loves him, Roo and Alf, but there's nothing he could do to help her.

In the episode on the 5th may 2016 there was an explosion at the fundraiser held at the summer bay caravan park. Oscar dies from being crushed on the chest. Evie dreamed about him on a normal day.

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