Olivia Fraser Richards
Occupation Clothing designer
Residence Beach House
Gender Female
Relationships Hunter King (boyfriend, father of her child)

VJ Patterson (one-sided crush, his side)
Mason Morgan (ex-boyfriend)

Family Lachlan Fraser (father, deceased)

Chloe Richards (mother, deceased)
James Fraser (uncle) Irene Roberts (foster mother) Unnamed child

First Appearance 20 April 1998
Portrayed by Emily Taylor (1998)
Alexandra Kotz (1998)
Connor Hamond (1998)
Zara Williams (1998)
Shaylee Pratt (1998)
Brielle Gardiner (1998)
Shaylee Pyett (1998)
Elise Newman (1998)
Lauren Newman (1998)
Brianna Wilkie (1998)
Tamara Wilkie (1998),
Bridget Durkin (1998),
Holly Durkin (1998)
Ivy Latimer (2005)
Raechelle Banno (2015-present)
Olivia Kate Fraser Richards is the only daughter of the late Lachlan Fraser and the late Chloe Richards. She's also the niece of James Fraser and foster daughter of Irene Roberts. She's Hunter King's current girlfriend and Mason Morgan's ex-girlfriend. She is also Skye Peters and Ziggy Astoni's best friend. She is portrayed by Raechelle Banno.


Olivia is born to Lachlan Fraser (Richard Grieve) and Chloe Richards (Kristy Wright). Shortly after her birth, she is diagnosed with a heart murmur but she recovers after a successful operation and is returned to her parents. Lachie later suffers brain damage following an operation to remove a tumour and is sent to America for treatment, leaving Chloe to raise Olivia alone.

Olivia's grandmother, Diana (Kerry McGuire) begins involving herself in Olivia's life and Lachie's brother James (Michael Piccirilli), arrives to keep an eye on his family. Chloe takes Olivia to visit Lachie in America, but his personality has drastically changed and no longer has feelings for either of them and is with a new partner Dana. After James takes Olivia to a specialist to correct her narrow aorta, he and Chloe begin a relationship and later marry. The marriage later breaks down after James and Chloe clash over having more children. Lachie later dies of a second haemorrhage and Diana becomes increasingly unstable to the extent she kidnaps Olivia. Olivia's grandfather, Peter (Helmut Bakaitis) rescues Olivia and checks Diana into a clinic. Soon after, Chloe and Olivia leave Summer Bay.

Olivia returns to Summer Bay with Chloe in 2005, now using her mother's maiden name. On the evening of Alf Stewart's (Ray Meagher) 60th Birthday, Chloe is killed in a car accident, leaving Olivia orphaned. Irene Roberts, Chloe's former foster mother, decides to apply for custody but is met with opposition by Diana who returns for Chloe's funeral. After a mediation meeting goes badly and Olivia begs Irene not to let Diana take her, Irene and Olivia flee the bay with no idea of where they are going. Barry Hyde (Ivar Kants) encourages Irene to return and she does. After Judith Lane (Jane Fullerton), the mediator talks to Olivia, she awards Diana custody and she takes Olivia home. Olivia phones Irene for help and tells her she does not want to live with Diana. Irene visits but is threatened with the police.[30] However, James returns from the United Kingdom and Olivia is thrilled to see him. He tells Diana and Irene that Chloe named him the executor of her will and that everything was left to Olivia. James is also named as her legal guardian. Olivia tells Diana she does not want to live with her as she always causes trouble for everyone. James tells Olivia that they will be living in Chloe's old flat in order for her to attend the same school and they both bid Irene farewell before leaving. They subsequently returned to the UK.[31]

Ten years later, Olivia returns to the Bay. VJ Patterson finds her lying on his beach towel and she tells him she thought it would be fun if they spent time together. They steal a couple of bikes to explore the area. Later that evening, Olivia goes to the diner to see Irene and asks if she can live with her. Olivia tells Irene that she got suspended from school and James threatened to send her to a boarding school, but he then sent her to Summer Bay. Irene later learns Olivia is lying when James informs her that Olivia stole his credit card to buy herself a plane ticket. Irene lets Olivia stay with her for a few weeks. Olivia and VJ take his mother's car for a joy ride and it gets scratched, resulting in Olivia being sent to work in The Diner. Olivia befriends Hunter King (Scott Lee), which makes VJ jealous. When she witnesses Hunter's mother Charlotte (Erika Heynatz) being aggressive towards Irene, Olivia stands up to her. Charlotte later threatens Olivia, so she throws garbage around Charlotte's flat. Olivia is then questioned by the police about the vandalism. Hunter notices scars on Olivia's legs and tells VJ, who tries to talk to Olivia, but she shuts him down. When Irene finds out, Olivia opens up to her about her self-harming and that she was sexually abused by one of James's friends. Irene later admits that she was sexually abused by her uncle and agrees to get counselling with Olivia.

Olivia notices Irene is drinking and tells Leah Patterson-Baker (Ada Nicodemou), as Irene is an alcoholic. Irene lashes out at Olivia when she believes Irene is not coping. Olivia and Hunter develop feelings for one another. They almost kiss, but when Hunter accidentally touches her scars, he walks out. He later tells her that he does not want to make her feel uncomfortable and that her scars are not ugly. They kiss and later consummate their relationship. Olivia feels uncomfortable as it reminds her of the abuse she has suffered. After Charlotte is accused of murder, Hunter decides to leave the Bay. Olivia fails to change his mind. Olivia told Irene, Zac and Leah that Hunter left the Bay. Soon, Hunter returns and Olivia comforts him while he grieves for Charlotte's death. Olivia began to dislike Skye Peters (Marlo Kelly) after she moves in the Beach House after John Palmer(Shane Withington) left her with Irene's care so he could go to Italy to look after his injured wife, Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons). Olivia began to talk about Skye behind her back to Hunter, unaware that Skye heard her. Olivia apologises to Skye and Skye forgives and began a friendship. Olivia meets Lindsay Ford (Georgia Flood), the woman who drove Hunter from the Bay, who came to see Hunter. Olivia was shocked when Lindsay revealed that she and Hunter had an affair. Olivia breaks up with Hunter and became enemies with Lindsay.

When Lindsay annoyed Olivia at the Diner, Olivia lost her temper and attempts to slap Lindsay, but VJ and Skye stopped her. When Lindsay stole Alf's ute for a joyride, with Hunter trying to stop her, Lindsay lost control of the ute, and left Hunter in a serious condition. With Hunter stabled, Olivia threatens Lindsay to leave the Bay or she'll call the cops on her, and Lindsay left for good. Hunter apologised to Olivia and the two got back together. Olivia organised a romantic picnic with Hunter, but the date went into a disaster when Hunter had a trouble of breathing and Olivia rushes to find help and found Zac and Greg Snelgrove (Paul Gleeson) driving on the road. She leads them to Hunter and Zac saves Hunter and was taken to the hospital. Olivia found out she's pregnant with Hunter's child, but didn't tell Hunter. But Olivia told Skye and Irene, who convinces her to tell Hunter. Olivia finally tells Hunter about her pregnancy and he walks out. But the two talked again and decided not to keep the baby. Olivia started to cut herself again and Chris Harrington (Johnny Ruffo) stays by her side.

Olivia noticed that Irene has been gone a few days and tried to call or text her. Olivia attends to Hunter's cousin, Oscar MacGuire (Jake Speer) and Oscar's aunt, Hannah Wilson's (Cassie Howarth) funeral and at the wake, Skye told Olivia and Hunter that her boyfriend, Tank Snelgrove (Reece Milne) has caused the caravan explosion that killed Oscar and Hannah. Olivia found out from Leah that Irene has gone to find her long lost child. Olivia was upset when Skye left the Bay to be with Tank. After Skye left, Olivia began to dislike VJ's new, pregnant girlfriend, Billie Ashford (Tessa de Josselin), who is 6-years older than VJ. Olivia was rude to Billie and VJ and Hunter tells Olivia to say sorry. Olivia apologised to Billie and the two girls make peace and watched a movie together with VJ and Hunter.

Olivia gets a call from Irene, but the call was hung up and Olivia receives a text from Irene, and was Olivia became suspicious when Irene's text called her Oli, which Irene never calls her that. A week later, Olivia receives another text from Irene and was shocked of the text, of a picture of Irene being held hostage, and shows it to Chris, and the two realised that Irene wasn't looking for her child, but was kidnapped. Immediately, Olivia and Chris showed the photo to Kat and the police began their search. On the same night, at the Diner, Olivia receives a video on text from Irene's kidnapper, which is a video of a scared Irene, held hostage and begging her kidnapper to let her go. Irene's kidnapper, Mick Jennings followed Olivia and tries to kidnap her, by telling her to get in his car, or she'll never see Irene again. Olivia gets in and quickly placed her phone in the back seat and escapes before Mick could take her.

Olivia and Chris went to search the location where Irene held hostage with the police, but couldn't find her. But soon, Olivia and Chris found Irene running and took her home. Olivia sees Mick at the hospital and shouts at him. Olivia found out that Mick in fact Irene's long lost son. Olivia tries to comfort and cheer Hunter up when he found out that Josh Barrett (Jackson Gallagher) is Charlotte's killer and Hunter pushes her away. Olivia befriended with Hunter's new friend from the community service, Jordan Walsh (Benny Turland) and at a party held by Hunter at the farmhouse, Hunter gets drunk and gets out of control, as Olivia tries to stop him. Hunter got jealous when he sees Jordan hitting on Olivia and attacks him.

Later, Oliva develops a relationship with Hunter. The two decide to try and move out together, renting out a shaggy, disappointing and decaying house. The two decide to move back in with Irene where Hunter assists Olivia in setting up her own online clothing store. Olivia is disappointed when her first customer is Marilyn Chambers who purchases one of her designs, assuming she only bought something from her online shop out of pity.


Olivia has short shoulder length blond wavy hair and blue eyes. She wore many tomboy-ish clothes, mostly flannels and has many ear piercing on her ears and wears dark eyeshadow. She always wore her late mother's locket around her neck.

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