Nicole Franklin
Occupation University Student
Residence Sydney
Gender Female
Relationships Liam Murphy (ex-boyfriend)
Trey Palmer (ex boyfriend)
Angus Mcathie (ex-boyfriend)
Penn Graham (ex-boyfriend)
Elliot Gillen (ex-boyfriend)
Aden Jefferies (ex boyfriend)
Geoff Campbell

Angelo Rosetta (boyfriend)

Family Roman Harris (father)
Natalie Franklin (mother)
George Franklin (son)
First Appearance 18 april 2008 - 14th june 2011, 21 june 2011
Portrayed by Tessa James

Nicole Franklin is the daughter of Roman Harris. She was first introduced as somewhat of a drama queen but she slowly began to change, becoming friendlier and even becoming the girlfriend of the extremely religious Geoff Campbell.  She has been at Summer Bay for more than a year now but other than Geoff and Aden, she has no real close friends.

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