Nathan Roberts
Gender Male
Family Murdoch Roberts


Irene Roberts


Damian Roberts


Mick Jennings

(Half Brother)

Finlay Roberts


Wendy McFarlane


Paul Roberts


Mark Roberts


Nelson McFarlane


Nathan Roberts is a character in Home and Away.


Nathan arrives in Summer Bay on parole from Juvenile detention and moves in with Irene and Adam. He claims to be a reformed character but steals a caravan park customer's camera. Adam quickly sees through Nathan's act and threatens to expose him. Nathan catches the eye of Sarah and they begin dating much to anger of Sarah's ex-boyfriend, Tug. Sarah's foster parents disapprove of Nathan and they forbid her to see him. Nathan's influence over his younger brother, Damian is a concern. Nathan then decides he wants to take things further with Sarah and the pair sneak off at an end of Year party and prepare to have sex in Nathan's car. Alf catches them and punches Nathan, resulting in him being arrested. Nathan decides to drop the charges. While working as the Janitor at the school, Nathan is tempted by $900 in school fees and steals the money from Donald Fisher's (Norman Coburn) office. Damian suspects him immediately but Sarah refuses to believe it. He is eventually found to be the culprit and is jailed. The following year it is revealed Nathan paid his cellmate Brian "Dodge" Forbes (Kelly Dingwall) to kill his estranged father, Murdoch (Tom Richards).

Nathan is paroled in 2002 and returns to Summer Bay to live with Irene after his sister, Finlay (Tina Thomsen) throws him out. He encounters Alf who is still harbouring a grudge and clashes with Nick Smith (Chris Egan) at every turn. Irene finds him a job as a waiter at the Beachside Diner but after Colleen Smart (Lyn Collingwood) informs locals about Nathan's time in prison and customers boycott the restaurant. Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou) has no choice but to sack Nathan after takings are low. Nathan then begins drinking heavily. He steals Alf's Ute and but notices a bus carrying a group of Year 10s, which Nick is among, has crashed and helps rescue them before the vehicle explodes. Nathan is hailed a hero and interviewed by a local news station. He then takes an interest in Nick's nurse Grace O'Connor (Mary Docker). Alf offers Nathan a job on his boat as a deckhand and he accepts. For a 30th birthday present, Irene arranges for Nathan to take a joyflight and he enjoys it. When he learns Grace is about to leave for Alice Springs, Nathan decides to leave with her and bids Irene an emotional farewell.

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