Matt-Evelyn Relationship
Matt and Evie


Matt Page
Evelyn MacGuire

Pairing Names



Best Friends
Boyfriend and girlfriend
In love with
Husband and wife

Rival Pairings

Jevie (Josh & Evelyn)
Mevie (Mason & Evelyn)
Tevie (Tank & Evelyn)

First Met:

At Summer Bay High

Current Status


Portrayed by

Alec Snow
Philippa Northeast

Matt and Evelyn first met at summer bay and were each others first kiss,the two had major crushes on each other but became friends while often having a friendly banter


Matt and Evie first met just after Evie started at Summer Bay High, where he accidentally ran into her in the hallway at school, he immediately took an interest in Evelyn much to Oscars annoienes, Matt invite Evelyn to a beach party where he attempted to kiss her, at the party Matt danced flirtatiously at the party with Maddy which lead to Evie giving him the cold shoulder at the music festival

After Evelyn father died, Matt and Evie started hanging out again well at the surf club Matt kisses Evelyn which leads to Oscar starting a fight with him


  • Evie and Matts first meeting was a Meet-Cute
  • Matt and Evie first kissed in episode 5893.
  • When Matt and Sasha broke up for the last time Matt returned to his old self, Evelyn wouldn't give up on him.
  • Evelyn is currently tutoring Matts sister Ellie.
  • It's confirmed that Evie and Matt will be dating, after a photo of them kissing.
    • They officially became a couple in episode 6569.
  • Both Alec and Philippa have admitted they would like Evelyn and Matt together or at least want them to have closure for the crushes they had on each other.
  • Matt said "I love you" to Evie for the first time in 6574.
  • In episode 6620, Evie proposed to Matt and they're currently engaged.
  • Evie was engaged twice. Her first fiance was her former first love Josh Barrett and her second is Matt.
  • In episode 6621, Matt and Evie got married.

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