Mason Morgan
Occupation University student (2016-present)
Gender Male
Relationships Lara Adams (ex-girlfriend)

Evelyn MacGuire (slept with; in love with)
Olivia Fraser Richards (ex girlfriend)
Beth Ellis (kissed)

Family Coby Lee (father, deceased)

Kate Lee (mother, deceased)
Justin Morgan (brother)
Brody Morgan (brother)
Tori Morgan (sister)
Raffy Morrison (half-sister)
Beth Cullen (grandmother)
Ava Gilbert (niece) Buddy Morgan (pet dog)

First Appearance 7 June 2016
Portrayed by Orpheus Pledger

Mason Morgan, also known as Michael Lee, is the brother of Justin, Brody and Tori Morgan. He's also the older half-brother of Raffy Morrison. He's a university student, studying medicine. He's the youngest Morgan child


Mason was born as Michael Lee to Koby and Kate Lee. Seven years before he and his older siblings, Jack (Justin), Tessa (Tori) and Bart (Brody) moved to Summer Bay, Koby and Kate were murdered by Ranae Turner, Blaine Varden and Kevin "Spike" Lowe, who are still threatening him and his family. The Lees goes under witness protection by the police and were given new identities for protection and goes under as the Morgans, and Michael becomes Mason Morgan. Before being in witness protection, he was in a relationship with Lara Adams, but he had to break up with her when he has to move to Summer Bay.


Mason and his brothers, Brody  and Justin Morgan  join their sister Tori in Summer Bay. Mason is accepted into the local university, so he can continue studying medicine. Mason and Brody are thrown out of the Diner when Brody insults the food. Mason returns to apologise to the owner, Leah Patterson-Baker (Ada Nicodemou). Mason's girlfriend, Lara Adams  comes to see him, leading to clashes with his siblings. Mason befriends Evelyn MacGuire (Phillippa Northeast) and comforts her when her fiancé ends their engagement. As part of his studies, Mason begins work at the local hospital. He helps Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) when he falls out of bed. Nate Cooper (Kyle Pryor) confronts Mason when he discovers that he did not call a staff member to assess Alf's condition. When Lara threatens to end their relationship, Mason tells her that his family are in witness protection. After their cover is exposed, the Morgans leave the Bay and move into a holding house. Mason is kidnapped by Spike Lowe (Jason Montgomery) and Blaine Varden (Ashley Lyons). He also learns Lara is their accomplice. Mason and his siblings are held hostage by Blaine, who reveals that he tried to kill Justin, but their mother sacrificed herself to save him. The Morgans are rescued by the police and their federal police protector, Decker (John Adams). Mason and Tori ask Justin to leave, after learning that he lied to them.

Mason helps Evie with a school sleep out at Summer Bay High and he kisses her. But Evie pulls away and Mason later apologises. Mason and Matt Page (Alex Snow) worry about Evie when she gets drunk at a party. Mason takes her to his house to let her sleep on his couch and she tries to kiss him. Brody warns Mason about starting a relationship due to their situation. Mason and Evie argue about her partying, but Evie apologises and agrees to help Mason study. They have sex and agree to a casual relationship. To celebrate her 30th birthday, Tori invites Mason, Brody and her friends to fly to a vineyard. During the flight, the passengers pass out due to a carbon monoxide leak and the plane crashes. Everyone survives, but Brody is missing. Tori, Nate and Duncan Stewart (Benedict Wall) leave to find him, while Mason stays behind with Evie, Leah, Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger) and a pregnant Billie Ashford (Tessa de Josselin), who Mason helps. Mason pushes Evie out of the way when leaking fuel ignites and explodes. He suffers a burn to his arm. Everyone is eventually rescued, though Brody suffers serious injuries after falling from a cliff. Evie believes she saw her deceased twin brother and tries to prove that he is protecting her. With Mason in the car, she begins speeding and he is forced to apply the handbrake to stop them from crashing. Evie asks Mason to stay away from her, but she later apologises. Mason realises he has feelings for Evie and tells her he wants more than a casual relationship with her.

Mason sees Olivia alone in the diner after she rejects Hunter. He asks her to go on a walk


Mason has dark brown curly hair and brown eyes. He has the same height as Josh Barrett, but Mason is more tanner and muscular than Josh. He has tattoos in his left arm and behind his neck. He wore t-shirts, shorts, jeans and sneakers.

Love Interests

Lara Adams Lara is Mason's ex-girlfriend from Brisbane. Mason and Lara broke up when he had to move to Summer Bay with his family and Mason told Lara where he lives and they reconcile. But Justin was angry at him for telling Lara. Lara was jealous when he sees Mason hugging Evelyn and mistook her as Mason's new girlfriend, but Mason told Lara that Evie is just a friend and confess his love to Lara. He also told her the truth why he and his family keep moving around. Mason was kidnapped by Spike Lowe and Blaine Varden and realized that Lara helped them find him and his family. Mason end things with Lara after she was arrested.

Evelyn MacGuire

Main article: Mason-Evelyn Relationship

Evelyn is Mason's friend and the girl that he kissed. They met at the diner when Evie's fiancé, Josh lashed at Mason for drawing devil horns on his brother, Andy's photo on the newspaper. Evie and Mason became friends and Evie was the first person in Summer Bay to befriend him. After Evie and Josh ended their engagement, Mason comforts her. After Josh left and Evie organizing a school event, Mason comes in to help, after he saved her from dropping sandwiches at the diner. They also collect soft drinks from Salt and stayed for the night. Evie thanked him for helping her and he kisses her, shocking her and Mason began to avoid her after their kiss. The next day, Mason apologused and Evie forgives him. They resume their friendship after the kiss. The two shares a loving moment and slept together. They slept again and they two decided not to be in a relationship, but become friends with benefits. wich brody killed mason morgn in a car .tori was sad becaes of brody this is the end of the story



  • Mason is compared to Casey Braxton.
  • It's confessed that Mason and Evie becomes friends with benefits.
  • Mason's portrayer, Orpheus Pledger was in Neighbours before Home and Away

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