Martin "Ash" Ashford
Occupation Mechanic
Gender Male
Relationships Denny Miller

(Ex-Girlfriend, deceased)

Phoebe Nicholson


Katarina Chapman


Tori Morgan


Family Patrick Stanwood


Billie Ashford

(sister, deceased)

VJ Patterson


Luc Patterson

( Niece/adopted daughter)

First Appearance 27 October 2014
Portrayed by George Mason

Martin 'Ash' Ashford is a recurring character on Home and Away. The character is portrayed by George Mason.


Ash goes to Angelo's to find Darryl Braxton, causing his girlfriend, Ricky to be wary of him. Martin later gets on the wrong side of Andy Barrett. Brax reveals that Martin is his former cellmate, who helped him out while he was in prison. Brax gives Martin a job at his restaurant and lets him sleep on the couch. When Brax loses his temper with his brother, Martin realises that he is not coping and urges him to open up to his family about his time inside. Martin and Ricky join forces to help Brax. Ash announces that he wants to find his sister, Billie, and Brax joins him on a road trip to find her boyfriend Dean, who let Martin take the blame for an armed robbery they committed. They locate Dean and Brax manages to get Martin's share of the robbery money back. Martin gives the money to Phoebe Nicholson 

He meets Denny and flirts with her, causing Brax to warn him off as she was dating his younger brother Casey before his death. But he ignores Brax's advice and helps Denny fix her car and they bond. Martin sees that Denny is wearing her old engagement ring from Casey. Martin congratulates her assuming that she has a new fiancé. Ash and Andy Barrett travel to the city to accompany Phoebe at her concert. The duo are fooled and locked in a cellar by Neive Devlin who drugs Phoebe to create a career boosting scandal. Martin and Andy manage to escape and save Phoebe from her ordeal. Martin is shocked when Brax is arrested for murdering Dean and Ricky hits him believing he is to blame. Martin realises that Sam must have committed the crime but fails to convince Katarina. Martin and Brax head to the outback to confront Sam but he refuses to confess. When Brax faces his court hearing Sam exposes that they took stolen money from Dean's hiding place. When the money is found in Angelos, Martin is implicated in Dean's murder and arrested alongside Brax.

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