Maggie Astoni
Occupation Principle
Gender Female
Relationships Ben Astoni (Husband)
Family Ben Astoni (Husband)

Coco Astoni
Ziggy Astoni

First Appearance July 2017
Portrayed by Kestie Morassi
Maggie Astoni is the wife of Ben Astoni and mother of Coco and Ziggy. She is portrayed by Kestie Morassi in Home and Away. She is the principle of Summer Bay High.


Maggie is a beautiful middle aged woman who has brown hair


Maggie is a working mother, who is happily married with two children. She has a good sense of humor to which she uses to deal with problems. She and her husband are able to keep the spark alight in there relationship, they are very supportive of one another.


Arrival in the Bay

Maggie and her family stumble over Summer Bay by accident when their car breaks down on a family holiday. With their car being fixed at the mechanics, they family has to wait a few days before the problem is gone. During this time, Maggie takes the family on a tour of the bay hosted by John Palmer and Marilyn Chambers. Maggie falls in love with the bay and decides to stay.


Ben Astoni

Ben is Maggie's husband for around twenty years. The two are in a very happy and content relationship and are continuously supporting and backing up each other. Maggie suggests to Ben that the family moves to Summer Bay.

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