Maddy Osborne
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Occupation Student, Waitress at Angelos
Residence Sydney
Gender Female
Relationships Oscar MacGuire

(ex-boyfriend) (deceased)

Matt Page


Spencer Harrington


Josh Barrett


Family Mr Osborne


Tanya Osborne


Annelise Osborne


Roo Stewart

(foster mother),

Harvey Ryan

(foster father),

Alf Stewart

(foster grandfather)

First Appearance 24 January 2013
Last Appearance 31 May 2016
Portrayed by Kassandra Clementi
Madeleine 'Maddy' Osborne is the daughter of Tanya Osborne and the former foster daughter of Roo Stewart and Harvey Ryan. She is the ex-girlfriend and former love interest of Spencer Harrington, Josh Barrett, Oscar McGuire and Matt Page.


Maddy met her first boyfriend Spencer Harrington at her old high school and they started dating. Maddy's parents, accepts the relationship, but Spencer's parents, especially Spencer's father, Ian Harrington doesn't approve the relationship, saying that Maddy isn't good enough. When Maddy's parents heard what Spencer's family told them, they were furious and forbid her to date Spencer. Maddy and Spencer decided to run away from home to be together and arrived to Summer Bay. They ended up at the doorstep of Roo Stewart and Harvey Ryan's house, saying they're brother and sister, who are travelling around Australia.


Maddy and Spencer go to Summer Bay Caravan Park and ask Roo Stewart for a caravan. The following day, they eat breakfast in The Diner, but cannot pay for it. Spencer promises to come back with the money. While she is on the beach, Maddy meets Romeo Smith, who offers to give her surfing lessons. She and Spencer later spend the night on a boat, before moving to the local high school. Roo learns that they are there, and when Maddy gets sick, Spencer calls her. She and Harvey bring them both back to Summer Bay House for the night. Maddy and Spencer run away, but struggle out in the bush. They return to the caravan park and discover Romeo locked in the shed.

Maddy fetches Roo to help, and she and Spencer decide that they can trust her. Maddy later reveals that she and Spencer are not brother and sister, but lovers. Maddy explains that she and Spencer met at school and began dating, but his father did not approve of their relationship. They ran away to be together. Roo and Harvey take Maddy to the hospital, and she is diagnosed with viral meningitis.

Shortly after she is released from the hospital, Maddy's mother, Tanya, comes to see her. Spencer decides that they should return home and leave. Maddy and Spencer eventually return to Summer Bay. Maddy starts to wonder if she is ready to have sex with Spencer; she feels she is ready, but Spencer disagrees, and they fight, but later they reconcile. Spencer's brother, Chris comes to Summer Bay. Chris begins to annoy Maddy and Spencer and becomes a "third wheel" in their relationship.

Maddy was furious when she saw Sasha's best friend, Rosie Prichard kissing Spencer, but Maddy forgives her. Maddy was jealous when she sees Spencer hanging out with Rosie, thinking that he and Rosie are a couple, but was shocked when she learnt from Spencer that he was only there for Rosie because she was raped by her abusive boyfriend, Alexander Mullens and that he got Rosie pregnant. But Spencer couldn't rekindle his relationship Maddy and he and Maddy breaks up.

Maddy becomes increasingly jealous of Spencer's new relationship with Sasha Bezmel, especially when they sleep together weeks into their relationship. Determined to prove that she doesn't need them, she grows close to Casey Braxton by receiving coaching from him, much to Roo's concern. They nearly sleep together, but Casey rejects her at the last minute, upsetting her. Roo gets the wrong end of the stick and believes Casey tried to pressure Maddy into sleeping with him and kicks him out. When Maddy tells her the truth, she allows Casey to move back into the caravan park.

At Bianca and Heath Braxton's wedding reception, she almost had sex with Josh Barrett, who she has only just met, but Casey pulls her away. As they drive home, they are run off the road by an angry Josh and his brother Andy. Maddy is knocked unconscious and pulled from the burning car by Casey, which explodes moments later. Maddy makes a full recovery, but Casey severely injures his spinal cord and is rendered in a wheelchair.

While Casey is in the hospital, Maddy becomes closer to Josh, after learning he was an unwilling participant in Andy running them off the road, and they start dating. Despite what Roo and Alf think of Josh, Maddy stays with him and helps Josh to find somewhere to stay by letting him sneakily stay in her bedroom. They soon get caught out by Marilyn, who tells Roo and Alf. They throw him out, and Maddy gets angry and runs away with him but returns. Maddy was shocked when Josh got shot by his mother, Debbie and Andy blame Maddy for Josh in the hospital. But Heath tells him to stop, and Andy apologises to her, and she forgives him. Josh and Maddy break up when Police Sergent, Mike Emerson questions Josh about Mangrove River High (the school where they stayed) burnt down. Josh then escapes from the hospital and goes to Ricky Sharpe for help. Soon, Maddy and Nate Cooper takes him back to the hospital.

Soon Josh recovers from his injuries and lives with Maddy. Andy soon returns and ask Josh to come back to Mangrove River with him and orders him to stay away from Maddy. But Josh refuses. Soon, Maddy met Oscar MacGuire, Zac MacGuire's nephew and became his close friend. Maddy defends Oscar from Mangrove River student, Matt Page when he bullied Oscar in school. 

Maddy meets Oscar's twin sister, Evelyn and attends to a beach party where, Andy secretly drugged her, by spiking her drink, and goes wild and wooing with Matt. Maddy and Josh attend a music festival, and they later sleep together in a tent.

Maddy helps Sasha and Spencer when their relationship starts to suffer but as a result of this, Spencer gets confused and kisses Maddy, who recoils straight away as she loves Josh and she agrees with Spencer to never tell Josh about the kiss. However, Josh overhears them talking about it in the school hallway and becomes upset. Maddy gets comfort from Oscar, but Josh became jealous over Oscar, thinking, Maddy is flirting with Oscar and that Oscar takes an interest on her.

A few weeks when Roo left Summer Bay to go to Las Vegas to see her aunt, Colleen, Maddy behaves badly at Alf but tells Josh she did it because she misses Roo and behaves badly so that Alf can call Roo to come back home. Maddy organised a dance party and asked Josh to go with her, but he wanted to concentrate on his studies for the school exams. Maddy helps Spencer to impress Evelyn by asking her out to the party. 

During School Exams, Maddy was first to finish her exams and after getting her results, she realize she missed a few questions and didn't pass. She became jealous when Josh passes his exam, and she didn't. This angers Josh when Maddy plays the victim. Evelyn confronts Maddy at the diner for hurting Josh and warns her not to break Josh's heart, cause if she does, Evelyn said she'll be there for him. Maddy and Josh were able to reconcile.

A few months later, Roo returned home from her trip. Maddy ask Roo if she could move in with Josh, so Marilyn Chambers, her fiance, John Palmer and John's foster, son, Jett James could have more space, but Roo refused, which upsets Maddy. One night, Maddy found her unconscious at home and calls the ambulance. 

But Nate was unable to answer his phone when the hospital tries to reach to him. Maddy pushes Josh away when she wants to be with Roo. After a few days, Roo wakes up and that she secretly traveled to Peru during her trip to Las Vegas. Maddy's new school principal, Sophie Taylor, who tells her that she must repeat Year 11, which devastates Maddy. Maddy tries to call Josh, but he never answer her calls, and she learnt from Oscar that Josh was with Evelyn and turns up at the farm and was shocked to see Josh badly bruised.

Evelyn said that Josh got bashed up at the Caravan Park, and Maddy was angry at him for coming to Evelyn instead of her and ask them what's going on between the both of them. Josh said nothing, but Maddy said well, they're here, together and walks away in anger, telling Josh that why can't he get help from his actual girlfriend. Maddy then asks Evelyn if something is going on between her and Josh, but Evelyn said that she and Josh are just friends, but Josh admits the truth about him kissing Evelyn a few weeks ago, which causes her and Josh to break up.

Maddy began to skip school after Josh began a relationship with Evelyn and Spencer encourages her to return to school and Maddy sees Josh and Evelyn as a couple. In class, Maddy began to humiliate Evelyn and Josh defends Evelyn and Zac tells them to stop and tells Maddy that he doesn't want this kind of behaviour in his class. Maddy gets angry at Zac for blaming her and taking on Evelyn's side and tells Spencer that she wants to quit school.

Maddy meets up with Oscar at the gym, and Evelyn sees Maddy trying to flirt with Oscar to get back at Evelyn. Oscar spends the day with Maddy and takes her to his house. Oscar tells Maddy that he liked a long time, and she kisses him. They soon slept together, and Evelyn was shocked. But Maddy tells Oscar that it's a mistake, devastating him. Maddy decided to get a job at the gym since she never wanted to return to school and ask Casey if she can work for him, but Casey refuses since Roo told him not to give Maddy a job. This angers Maddy and that she confronts Roo at the diner telling her to stay away from her and that she can't make her go back to school.

Casey soon gives Maddy a job at the gym, and Maddy delightedly accepted. Maddy started working in the gym, and Roo is not happy. Maddy began to clean up at the gym, and Roo came to the gym to see her and was angry at Casey for letting Maddy clean up at the gym. Roo accepts Maddy to work at the gym with Casey, which delights Maddy.

Maddy still loves Josh, despite denying it many times. She declares war on Evelyn, and vows to win Josh back. But as Maddy tries to become friendly with Josh, Evelyn realises she is not okay with the two being friends. She says this to Josh, but he tells her she can’t decide who he is friends with. The two reconcile and Josh agrees to keep away from Maddy, much to her disappointment. When Oscar invites Maddy to the formal, she only accepts after discovering Josh will be there too with Evelyn. When he doesn’t turn up, she has a miserable time, but at the same time is glad Evelyn got stood up. When Casey dies, and Josh runs away as he blames himself, Maddy finds him and jumps at the opportunity to win Josh back. When she asks if she can do anything for him, he kisses her, and the two end up sleeping together. When the two later talk again, Josh asks her not to tell anyone, for he doesn’t want to hurt Evelyn. But Maddy tells him she still loves him and asks him not to block her out, which is responded to by Josh asking her to leave. At Casey’s funeral, Josh admits to Evelyn that he and Maddy slept together, which leads to Evelyn marching up to Maddy in front of everyone and slapping her in the face, accusing her of using Josh’s vulnerability and Casey's death to try to win him back. Maddy and Evelyn run off in opposite directions, leaving a sorry Josh behind at Angelo's. Alf finds Maddy crying in the corner at the gym and lectures her about who she is becoming, before ordering her home.

Since then, when John and Marilyn's wedding arrives, Maddy buys herself a new dress to wear for the wedding and brings Oscar as her plus one. Roo realised Maddy has become a spoiled brat and convinced her if she wants to show her that she's an adult, and then must act like one. At the wedding reception, Maddy attempts to take a glass of champagne, but Roo stopped her and Spencer shows Maddy some soda drinks. Maddy sneaks like a snake and stole a whole bottle of wine and takes Oscar with her, saying to Oscar to get out of the reception with her. Maddy gets more and more drunk and wants to go for a swim at the beach with Oscar, but he refuses. Roo finds them and was shocked when Maddy had drank the whole bottle of wine and was furious at her.

Another day, Maddy stole Roo's credit card and spend on it for shopping for new and expensive dresses. She also bought new clothes for Oscar and Oscar discovered that Maddy stole Roo's card and had lied to him that she had her own and was angry at Maddy. Maddy tells Oscar to get out of her life and Roo found out from Oscar about Maddy stealing her card and confronts her at the gym. Maddy then kisses Oscar, but he rejected her. Since then, Maddy bought new shoes and a new shirt for herself, and stole money from the gym, which Andy discovered. Maddy was terrified when her new boss of the gym is Brax and was scared of him. Brax found out Maddy has been acting strange around him and Andy. Brax found out that Maddy stole money in the gym and as a result, he fired her from the gym. At Surf Club's movie night, Maddy feels sick and tired and she collapsed. At the hospital Nate revealed to her that she's pregnant. Maddy decides to go through with the pregnancy. Maddy then told Josh that he's going to be a father. But when Marilyn points out Maddy looks way more than eight weeks pregnant Oscar could be the father of her child.

When she went for the ultrasound, Nate finds out that there is no baby and realizes that Maddy has cancer. Which shocks Maddy and tells Oscar about it and not Josh. Maddy was also shocked when Josh found out from John that she has cancer. Josh tells Maddy that she can talk to him and that he wants to help her. But Maddy turned down the offer, saying that she has Oscar and Spencer by her side. At the hospital, Oscar gave Maddy a pink Teddy bear as a gift, which Maddy named it Pink Ted. Nate tells Maddy that she might get infertile, which means that she might be unable to have children.

Maddy goes to her first chemotherapy session at the hospital with Oscar by her side and tells Oscar to get her something to eat, and he goes to get her something to eat. But when Oscar arrived back, he found Maddy gone and found a letter and her pink bear on a chair. As Oscar reads the letter, Maddy's voiceover reads the letter and Maddy's letter says that she is leaving the Bay for good, and she's sorry, but it's the only way. Maddy's letter says to Oscar that she loves him, Roo and Alf, but there's nothing that they could do to help her.

Roo and Alf found out from Oscar that Maddy has run away and tried to call her. Spencer convinced Maddy to come home, but she refused and didn't tell him where she was. Oscar tracks Maddy down in the city, by using clues on her scrape book. Maddy was seen playing her violin and Oscar found her. Oscar tries to convince Maddy to come home, but she said no. Maddy soon sold her violin for money and used the cash for a hotel and food. Oscar tells Maddy that he must come home to help Hannah, who was in a serious condition from a bus accident. Oscar tells her that she's not weak, but scared and tells her to take care of herself, before leaving the city by train. Maddy then shows up at the train platform and decided to return to the Bay with him.

Maddy reunites with Alf and Roo. Soon, Maddy's feelings revealed to Oscar, and she gives him a kiss, starting her relationship with him. They soon go on a date, which made Spencer jealous. Maddy was seen making out with Oscar on the couch, and they turned down an offer of tea from Roo. They make out again, but this time, Alf tells them no kissing on his couch. Oscar does a romantic gesture for Maddy, and they had their date. After their date, Maddy discovers that her nose is bleeding. Maddy tells Roo and Alf that she has decided to return to school to finish her HSC. Maddy got involved with Colour Run, a school fundraiser for teenagers with cancer that Spencer organised. Maddy race with her family and friends and collapsed. But she made it. A week later, she called her mum, Tanya and she came to the Bay to see her.

Maddy tells her mum that she's dying with cancer and tells Maddy that she wants her to come back home to the city and begs Maddy to come home for her. But Maddy tells her mum that she can't leave her foster family behind and had decided to stay in the Bay, which Tanya agrees. Maddy learnt that Spencer is leaving the Bay to look after his injured father and Maddy says goodbye to Spencer and tells him that she'll always love him no matter what. After Spencer's departure, Maddy joins the ANZAC Memorial with Alf and Roo and after dawn, Alf returns to the hospital in the city. Maddy convinced Roo to go and take care of Alf and Roo said OK, and Irene invites Maddy to stay with her for a few days. Chris was still sad about Spencer gone and lashes out at Maddy and Irene. Maddy thought Chris doesn't want her in the house and attempts to leave, but Chris said she can stay, saying that he's not angry at her for staying, but Spencer leaving him. Maddy cheers Chris up, by watching a Jackie Chan film.

A week later, Maddy returns home after Alf was discharged from the hospital. Maddy then meets up with Matt and spend most the day with him. Maddy was excited to see Alf, he then snaps at her, and Matt and Maddy helped Matt to apologize to Evie and Josh and they had lunch at Angelo's and hang out at Josh's house. Maddy and Matt realized that they have lots of catching up to do for school, and Evie tells them that they should be study partners. Maddy was told by Roo on the phone that Alf is in the hospital, and she and Matt go together. She then cries about Alf being ill and Matt comforts her with a hug. Maddy tells to Evie about Matt at the diner, and she spends the night at Evie's house with Evie, Matt and Josh, watching a movie, unknowing that Evie trying to put her and Matt together. She and Matt sat by the couch and had popcorn.

They then leave together. Maddy found an old photo of Alf's deceased wife and Roo's stepmother, Alisa Stewart and gave it to Alf, who was furious and snatched it from her, telling her that it's none of her flamin' business. Evie and Josh invites them to camping and Maddy then flirts with Matt, telling him to put up the tent, and his reward is that he can share a tent with her tonight. When she found out from Matt that Josh and Evie tries to set her up with Matt, she gets upset and ends her friendship with them. But soon rekindles her friendship with Josh and Evie. After Brax "died", Maddy reunite her relationship with Oscar. In late August 2015, Maddy helps Oscar and Matt to get Evie and Josh back together. Matt and Maddy helped each other to decorate Josh's house. As Maddy struggles to put up the fairy lights, Matt carries her up as she tries to put it up. But Matt can't hold her long until they fall on the couch, with Maddy falling on him. The two an awkward moment before Maddy jumps off. Matt suddenly became mean to Maddy when he tries to hide his feelings towards her. Maddy meets Evie's new boyfriend, Tank Snelgrove and he flirts with her and realized Tank's true colours and told Evie that Tank had a hit on her, but Evie refuse to believe her and Oscar. Maddy soon had her 18th Birthday, like Chris gave her a pink cupcake with a candle, Alf and Leah organised a party and Oscar gave her a beautiful gold charm bracelet. But Tank and his boy gang crashed the party.

Maddy found out that Matt is in love with her and told Matt that she loves Oscar and doesn't want to break up with him for Matt. Maddy told Matt that she wants to be friends with him, which Matt agrees. When the school term has ended, Maddy told Matt that she feels unwell, like when she had cancer. Matt told Maddy to the hospital for some test, and Nate said that the cancer isn't coming back, Matt was delighted and held her hand for a while. That evening, Oscar found out about Matt's feelings for Maddy after overhearing Matt and Roo's conversation and confronts Maddy if she has feelings for Matt too. But he takes a go at her and Matt. The next day, Maddy was furious at Oscar, who punched Matt in the face. A week later, Maddy and Matt helps Asia Chalker with the Year 12 Formal organising, and Oscar joins them. Maddy sees Oscar trying to flirt with Asia to make her jealous. Matt told Maddy that he accepted Asia's invitation for being her formal date and told Maddy that he'll hook up with many girls at schoolies. But Maddy told him not to do that. Matt was confused and confronts her why she wouldn't let him. Maddy told Matt that she has feelings for him, but she shuts them away, cause she still loves Oscar.

At the schoolies party, Matt and Maddy muck around, after Matt fell while playing limbo, Maddy helps him up, but he pulls her towards him to the ground, and they had a moment. At the formal night, Matt saw Maddy in her dress and said she looks amazing. Oscar gave Maddy a beautiful corsage. At Angelo's Maddy helped Matt with his cufflinks and Asia and Oscar reveals to Maddy that they kissed, which Matt already know. Maddy was upset, and Oscar blames Maddy for the ruining of their relationship and him kissing Asia. He also told her to stop lying to him that she likes Matt. Maddy aggressively ripped off her corsage and tore the flowers off, telling Oscar not to take it out on her, and he's a liar and a cheat. Maddy told Alf everything and Oscar and Maddy talked. Maddy dumps Oscar, and he went missing in the ocean. Maddy joins the search party with Alf, Leah, Zac, Evie, VJ, Matt, Hunter, Ricky and Nate, but due to the dangerous storm, the search party cancels the search. With no one able to find Oscar, Maddy decided to find him on her own. Matt found her packing some things, and Matt joins her in the search.

They drove in the woods and the car slide and was stuck in the mud slide. Maddy and Matt struggle to get the car's wheels off, and Matt decided to walk back to the Bay to get help, leaving Maddy in the car alone. But as Matt walked back, a tree branch fell and hit his head, knocking him out. In shock, Maddy runs out of the car and wake up. Maddy brings him in the car and treats his bleeding head. The two stayed in the car for the night. The next morning, Matt said that it's good to take the car out, but Maddy wanted to check his head injury. She checked and asked him if he still have any headaches or blood visions. Matt gave her a funny look and told her that she'll make a great nurse one day.

The two had a moment and kiss until Alf arrived and took them home. The search for Oscar continues and Matt told Maddy that they need to talk about what happened, but Maddy said that it can wait until Oscar is found. Oscar was found and Maddy apologises to Oscar for upsetting him. The two cannot rekindle their relationship and agrees to move on and become friends. Maddy meet up with Matt at the Diner and told him that she can't get back together with Oscar and they agreed to become friends. Maddy told Matt that she likes him a lot and wants to be with him when she's ready. Matt agreed to wait to start the relationship with her and they held hands and smile. Maddy attends to Zac and Leah's wedding and she and Matt can't stop looking at each other. At the reception, Maddy's dress ripped after a drunken Irene accidentally bump into her and VJ.

Matt takes Maddy inside the house to change into another dress. Oscar sees them talking and Maddy and Matt acts awkward around him. Oscar said they can be together. That night, Maddy found Matt outside the back door of the house and Matt said that he wanted to dance with her. Maddy said that she wanted to dance with him too. Matt said that he really wants to kiss her, and Maddy asked him what is stopping him. Matt then kisses her and they become a couple. In 2016, Matt asked her to move in with him and she says yes and moves into his caravan, but with mozzies and other campers, couldn't stand for Maddy and the couple move into Charlotte's old flat with Roo, but arguement strained them, but Evie tells him to figure it out. Maddy became a victim of cyberbullying and Matt tries to help. Maddy also helped Matt when a sex-tape video of Matt and Charlotte was posted on the Internet. Evie and Josh invites them to the city and they accept. The next day, Maddy and Matt found out that Josh and Evie were engaged and they were happy for them. Maddy and Matt attends to the hospital fundraiser party at the caravan park, where an explosion caused many residents, killed or injured. Maddy's left arm was crushed by a decor pillar and Matt, Leah and Nate tries to help. New doctor, Tori Morgan tells Maddy that her damaged arm is not use anymore, since the damage cause worse and could cost her life and the only way to save her to remove her arm, which shocks her. Maddy refused but changed her mind, if she wants to live.

After losing her left arm, Maddy was scared and worries that Matt will leave her. Maddy escaped from hospital and hid in a hotel room. But Maddy's arm became infected, causing her to fall ill and unable to call for help. But was found by Matt, Roo and Alf. Tanya returns to the Bay to see Maddy and was angry at Roo for not telling her. Maddy confronts her mother for lashing at Roo and Roo tells Maddy that the police blamed her for the explosion, but Maddy tells Roo that it's not her fault. Maddy tells Matt that she's leaving the bay for good and wants him to come with her, he accepts. But she realised that he belongs in the bay and left Summer Bay with her mother, and left a farewell letter to Matt, telling him that he's not ready to leave the bay and asked him to look after Roo and Alf for her, and promised to love him always. Matt raced outside to stop Maddy, but he was too late, Maddy was already gone, as her car was driven out of Summer Bay.


Maddy has blond hair and blue eyes. When she first appeared in the bay, her hair was short and straight. After a few months, her hair grew longer, and it became curly. In 2015, she cuts it short again. She wore shorts, shirts, sandals and long maxi dresses in the show.


Tanya Osborne

Tanya is Maddy's mother, who came to the Bay to take her and Spencer home. They both agreed, but they returned to the Bay again, when Tanya was planning to transfer Maddy to boarding school. A year later, Maddy calls her mum to visit her and then tells her that she has cancer and is dying. Tanya convinced Maddy to come back home to the city so that she could look after her. But Maddy chose to stay in the Bay, which Tanya accepts. In 2016, Tanya returns to the bay after she hears that Maddy lost her arm in an explosion and Maddy was angry at Tanya for lashing at Roo and confronts her. Maddy decided to leave the bay and she and her mother leaves together.

Roo Stewart

Roo is Maddy's foster mother and legal guardian. Maddy met Roo when she and Spencer asked her if they could rent a caravan to stay. Soon Maddy and Roo began to bond and Roo and her husband, Harvey fostered her and Spencer. But their relationship became bitter when Maddy has problems. When Roo tries to help, Maddy lashes out of her. When Maddy steals money from the gym, the diner and Roo's credit card for new clothes, Roo was furious at Maddy for lying to her. Maddy says her last goodbyes to Roo when she leaves the bay.

Alf Stewart

Alf is Maddy's other legal guardian and foster grandfather. He looks out for Maddy when she has problems. He dislikes when she makes bad choices for her life.

Sasha Bezmel

Sasha is Maddy's friend from Summer Bay High, but after Maddy had broken up with Spencer, he started dating Sasha and Maddy became jealous. Maddy blames Sasha for returning to the Bay for Spencer, but Maddy became friends with her regardless.

Ian Harrington

Ian is Spencer's father, who proved that Maddy is not good enough for Spencer, which cause tension for Maddy's parents who tells Maddy to stay away from Spencer. So she and Spencer run away to be together. Ian turned up to the Bay to take Spencer home, but he chose to stay with Maddy instead.

Evelyn MacGuire

Evie MacGuire Maddy's former best friend, former love rival and now friend. Maddy met Evie when Evie's twin brother, Oscar introduced her to Evie on her first day of Summer Bay High. Maddy ended her friendship when she found out that she had an affair with her boyfriend, Josh. Maddy was jealous of Evie when Josh started dating her and tries to declare war with Evie to win Josh's heart. Evie slapped Maddy in the face at Casey's wake when Josh confessed her that he slept with Maddy the day after Casey died. But Evie forgave Maddy.

Love Interests

Spencer Harrington

Spencer is Maddy's ex-boyfriend and now her friend. They met before they lived in Summer Bay and started dating. But Spencer's father Ian, doesn't approve Maddy at all, and they ran away to be together. But they broke up and Spencer moved on with Sasha Bezmel, and Maddy became jealous. But Maddy and Spencer remain as friends. Spencer sees Maddy and her new boyfriend, Josh Barrett having fun at the caravan park one night, he mistakenly thought Josh was attacking her and tries to rescue her from Josh. But Spencer and Josh became friends anyway. Spencer then kisses Maddy after his break-up with Sasha and also told her that he wants to get back together with her after her break-up with Josh.

Casey Braxton

Casey is Maddy's late friend and gym instructor. Maddy and Casey met when he was working at the gym for Indi Walker, and they flirted. They soon hang out after Casey's break-up with Tamara Kingsley. Maddy kissed Casey, and they almost had sex, but he rejected her. But she forgave him, and they remain as friends. Maddy was devastated when she heard that Casey died, and she attends to his wake.

Josh Barrett

Josh is Maddy's ex-boyfriend, after being rejected by Casey, Maddy flirts with newcomer, Josh at Heath and Bianca's wedding reception to make Casey jealous. Josh said that he and his brother, Andy ran her and Casey over with their car, but Maddy forgave him and started dating. In 2014, Maddy found out that Josh had an affair with her best friend, Evie MacGuire and they broke up. Maddy was angry and jealous when Josh moved on and started a relationship with Evie and tries to win him back. After Casey died, Maddy comforts Josh, and they had sex. But Josh said it was a mistake, and Maddy gets slapped by Evie at Casey's wake after Josh confessed to her. Maddy soon became pregnant, whom she believed that Josh is the father. But she found out that she isn't pregnant, but ill with cancer. Josh tries to help her, but she turned him down. They decided to become friends when Maddy sees Josh doesn't love her anymore.

Oscar MacGuire

Oscar is Maddy's best friend and ex-boyfriend. Maddy and Oscar became friends when he went to Summer Bay High for the first time. Maddy defends Oscar when Mangrove River High student, Matt Page bullies him. When Maddy's relationship with Josh was strained develops a crush on Maddy. After Maddy had broken up with Josh, she kissed Oscar and slept with him. Their relationship became bitter when Maddy still have feelings for Josh. When Maddy was sick with cancer, Oscar was there for her and gave her a Pink Teddy Bear. In 2015, Oscar search for Maddy in the city and they went home together. Maddy and Oscar starts a relationship and officially became a couple. But things didn't go well for Oscar, and he breaks up with Maddy. Soon they reunite as lovers and try to have sex, but get interrupted by Roo. When Maddy turned 18, Oscar gave her a beautiful gold charm bracelet as a birthday gift. Oscar and Maddy broke up when Matt is in love with Maddy and Oscar kissing Asia Chalker. Oscar went missing and was found. He and Maddy can't rekindle their relationship and agree to be friends. Oscar then allows Maddy to be with Matt. In 2016, Maddy was upset when she found out that Oscar died from the caravan explosion, but she missed his funeral, but was able to say goodbye to him and left the photo of him and her by his grave.

Matt Page

Matt is Maddy's former school rival, friend and ex-boyfriend. They met when Matt arrives in Summer Bay High with his classmates and teachers from Mangrove River High. Maddy took a dislike to Matt when he teased her friends, Sasha, Oscar and Spencer, and her boyfriend, Josh. Maddy tries to pull Matt aside when he comes into a fight with Josh and Oscar. Matt used to call Maddy "Princess" or "Summer Bay Princess" when he first saw Maddy. When Maddy was drugged at a beach party, she started to canoodle with Matt, and they almost share a kiss. In 2014, he stopped using his behavior towards her, since he dated Sasha and makes friends with Maddy. After Sasha left the Bay in 2015, Matt and Maddy becomes close and may have a spark between them. When Maddy asked for Matt's help with fairy lights, he carries her up to let her put it up. But Matt couldn't carry her long until they fell on the couch and had a moment. Maddy was confused when Matt suddenly became mean to her, unaware that Matt has a crush on her. Maddy soon found out Matt is in love with her and soon has feelings for him. After she and Oscar broke up, Oscar went missing and Maddy and Matt went to find him during a storm. After their car got stuck, Matt walks back to the bay to get help and leaves Maddy safely in the car. But a branch fall onto his head, hurting him. They stayed in the car until the next day. They then share a kiss. After Oscar was found, Maddy moved on and wants to start a relationship with Matt, but is not ready just yet. Matt and Maddy agreed to wait. At Zac and Leah's wedding, they kissed and start a relationship. The couple moved in together with Roo, but their relationship became strained when Maddy lost her arm in the caravan explosion. Maddy decided to leave the Bay to return to her family and asked Matt to come with her, and he says yes. But Maddy realised Matt belongs in the Bay and left without him, leaving him a goodbye letter.


- Maddy plays the violin

- Maddy's portrayer, Kassandra Clementi said that Maddy has a brother and a sister, whose names is unknown and Maddy never mentioned about them. But Maddy's mum mentioned Maddy's sister, whose name is Annaliese.

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