Kimberley Jonathen 'Kim' Hyde is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Home and Away played by Chris

Kim Hyde
Five HomeAndAwayR
Relationships Dr. Rachel Armstrong (Wife)

Tasha Armstrong (Ex-Girlfriend) Matilda Hunter (Fling)

Family Principal Barry Hyde,

Deceased Mother, Unnamed Son

First Appearance Episode #1.3677
Portrayed by Chris Hemsworth

Hemsworth. He made his screen debut on the 17th of February, 2004. He is the son of former Summer Bay High principal Barry Hyde with whom he a strained relationship, forwarded on years of friction before his departure from Summer Bay.


Kim was a talented singer and straightforward aussie bloke with a passion for freestyle, water sports and surfing. He was frequently found at Summer Bay Beach and due to his looks and talents in this area was amongst the popular student body of Summer Bay High.

His relationship with his widowed, principal father became that of an overbearing one built on friction. His father often pressuring him about his 'hobbies' of fooling around with little girls, taking to the beach and cutting classes when things got tough.

Story Lines

Only answering to Kim, being an Aussie straightforward non-nonsense bloke, a talented swimmer. Kim's relationship with his overbearing father, high school principal Barry Hyde, was going from bad to worse for years, causing him to drop out from the school swimming team, and seemed hopeless when Kim found out about his mother's euthanized death, but they overcome that in order to become a real family again, only to be separated when false accusations cause Barry to leave his job and Summer bay. Kim finds his baby boy back with the estranged mother, only to be separated again just when he had bonded again, so his new love Dr. Rachel Marie Armstrong's child wish is for a while the main obstacle to their joining, yet an orphaned baby decides his mind to celebrate their early parenthood with a church wedding.

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