Katarina Chapman


Aaron Chapman


Arrived in Summer Bay in 2015. Martin Ashford (Ash) imminently begins to have a crush on her.

After Sam kills Dean, Ash's Sisters Billie's boyfriend. Katarina arrests Brax.

After two weeks in the Bay, Katarina begins a secret relationship with Nate Cooper. This remains a secret until the Colour Run which is held in honor of Maddy. Nate & Kat have a race and after Kat beats Nate across the finish line, the ladies in the Diner start gossiping about them, which results in Katarina ending things with Nate.

After Phoebe and Kyle break up, Phoebe and Kat begin to drink until they both notice that they ended their relationships for tiny reasons. After Katarina asks Nate to take her back she gets rejected and so does Phoebe.

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