josh barrett
Barrettbros2 194pnlt-194pnmb
Occupation student
Residence 31 saxon avenue
Gender male
Relationships Evelyn McGuire


Maddy Osborne


Family Johnny Barrett


Debbie Barrett


Casey Braxton

(Half Brother)

Andy Barrett

(Half brother)

Cody Barrett


Scott Barrett


Rocco Braxton


Harley Braxton


Casey Sharpe Braxton


Darcy Callahan


First Appearance First Appearance 27 August 2013
Portrayed by Portrayed by Jackson Gallagher
Josh shows up on the beach where Heath Braxton and Bianca Scott are having their wedding reception. He and Maddy Osborne flirt, but are interrupted by Casey Braxton who wants to take Maddy home. Casey and Josh fight, before Casey and Maddy leave. Josh and his brother Andy follow Casey and Maddy's car and run them off the road, causing them to crash. Casey is serious injured, but Maddy forgives Josh and they begin dating. Josh leaves home and Maddy hides him in her bedroom, but Alf and Roo Stewart find them and throw Josh out. Maddy decides to join Josh and they spend the night in Mangrove Rive High School. Josh gets a call from Andy, who tells him that Darryl Braxton confessed to killing His father, Johnny. Andy decides to get revenge on Brax. As Brax comes out of court, Andy realises that the gun he was going to use is missing. Debbie then appears with the gun and fires towards Brax, but accidentally hits Josh. He pulls through, and his relationship with Andy improves as a result.

Josh is shocked when Casey is revealed to be his half-brother paternally, and struggles to support Maddy through various dramas, including Roo falling seriously ill. Feeling unwanted, he starts an affair with Evelyn MacGuire but she is uncomfortable with him cheating on Maddy. However, when the truth is revealed, Josh ends things with Maddy to be with Evelyn. As revenge, Maddy starts a relationship with Evelyn's twin brother Oscar. Andy begins dealing drugs, and gets involved with a bad crowd. When he tries to get out of it, they kidnap Josh and hold him hostage. Casey rushes to Josh's aid and is shot dead, while Andy and Darryl rescue Josh.

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