Josh-Evelyn Relationship



Josh Barrett
Evelyn McGuire

Pairing Names:



Ex Boyfriend & ex-girlfriend
Slept together

Rival Pairings

Jaddy (Josh & Maddy)
Tevie (Tank & Evelyn)
Mevie (Matt & Evelyn)
Mevie (Mason & Evelyn)

First Met

At Summer Bay High

Relationship Length


Current Status

Broke up (engagement ended)

Portrayed by

Jackson Gallagher
Philippa Northeast

The Josh-Evelyn Relationship is a friend/romantic relationship between Josh Barrett and Evelyn McGuire. Their pairing relationship was introduced in July 2014 and it ended in July 2016.


Josh and Evie first met in November 2013 on Evie's first day at Summer Bay High. Evie's twin brother, Oscar MacGuire introduced his sister to Josh and his girlfriend, Maddy Osborne. However, there was no romance between Josh and Evie since Josh is dating Maddy.

Josh and Evie attends to the Music Festival together with Maddy and Matt Page. Evie stole school exam answers from her uncle, Zac MacGuire and shares it with Josh and Maddy. Josh and Evie decided to cheat and got in trouble by Zac. When Oscar was arrested for hit-and-run Tamara Kingsley, Evie struggles to cope with everyone talking about it.

Josh talks to her about Oscar and Evie lashes at him in the school hallway. Josh apologized to Evie for upsetting her when school counsellor, Leah Patterson-Baker saw them arguing. At the diner, Evie apologized to Josh for shouting at him earlier, but Josh he was cool and forgives her, he also convinced her to go to the dance party that Maddy was hosting and Evie agrees since their friend, Spencer Harrington asked her out.

Josh and Evie began a study group at Evie's house with Maddy and Spencer and had dinner at Angelo's. Josh and Evie began close and bond, as they fist-bump. Evie then realised that she has a crush on Josh. The day of their school exam, Josh and Evie were nervous and they walked together to school. Evie showed Josh her lucky charm; which was a necklace that was once belonged to her deceased mother, Sarah Wilson. Before the exam, Evie was nervous and Josh gave her encouragement and wished her good luck.

After the exam, Josh became stress and worries that he fails and lashes at Evie, but apologized, Evie gave him friendly advice before Josh held her necklace in his hand and the two has a moment. Josh and Evie attends to their year art class with new school principal, Sophie Taylor, who told them to sketch a portait of themselves. At lunch break, Josh and Evie talked about their art project and Sophie. Josh tells Evie that they should switch each other projects, meaning that he draws a sketch of her, while she draws a sketch of him. Evie agrees and they switch each others art works.

Evie successfully sketched a portait of Josh, while he struggles to draw her. Evie thinked she failed Josh's art and decided to dispose it, but Evie's aunt, Hannah Wilson tells her that it's Josh art work. Josh struggles to draw Evie and Ricky Sharpe gave him advice. When he sees the wave of the ocean, it gave him an idea.At art class, Josh received his art project made by Evie, he was amazed of her sketch of him and Evie was impressed of Josh's work on her art project, which was a photo of Evie with a digital effect of the ocean.

When Sophie ask her questions about the picture, Evie struggles to answer until Josh steps in and answered for her. After class, Josh tells Evie that she impressed him and told Evie that she did an amazing job and that he loved it, and thanked her. Evie tells Spencer that she likes Josh, but tries to shut it since Josh is with Maddy. The two gets their exam results and Josh shows Evie his results and that he passed. He asked her how did she go and Evie replied she did well. Josh and Evie then celebrate for passing their exam with Spencer.

That afternoon, Maddy tells Josh not to be too close to Evie because she has a crush on him. That evening, he came to her place while she was having a girls night in with Hannah and her half-sister Denny Miller. When Hannah and Denny left them to talk privately. Josh asked her if she has a crush on him, but Evie denies it and Josh believes her and he left.

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