Jordan Walsh
Residence Sydney
Gender Male
Family Aaron Walsh (father)
John Palmer (foster father)
Marilyn Chambers
Jett James (foster brother)
Skye Peters (foster sister)
First Appearance 23 June 2016
Last Appearance 26 July 2016
Portrayed by Benny Turland
Jordan Walsh is the son of Aaron Walsh. He was the foster son of John Palmer and Marilyn Chambers. He's also the foster brother of Jett James and Skye Peters.


Jordan was an only child in his family and lived in Darwin with his father, Aaron since he was 8 years old and move to the city. They lost their home and live in his dad's car. But the car was stolen and Jordan and Aaron sleep in parks or bus stops. One day, Aaron began to steal things and got arrested and jailed.

Jordan was forced to look after himself and sleep in the streets. He was then found by community service supervisor Danika Kulevski. He began to work for her at the community service.


Jordan carries out community service at the beach, where he befriends Hunter King. Jordan becomes dehydrated and collapses. Hunter and his father Zac MacGuire help him, angering the supervisor, Danika Kulevski. Jordan admits that he has not drunk enough water and decides to carry on working. Danika brings Jordan to live with his new foster parents John Palmer and Marilyn Chambers. John tries too hard to bond with Jordan.

Hunter invites Jordan to a party at VJ Patterson's house and he invites his friends. Hunter gets drunk and becomes jealous when he sees Jordan talking to his girlfriend, Olivia Fraser Richards, thinking that Jordan was hitting on her, so he starts a fight. Jordan punches Hunter, Zac arrives and breaks up the fight. After Hunter and Olivia argued, Jordan tells Olivia that she deserves someone better than Hunter. Later, John and Marilyn found a pocket knife in Jordan's bag and questions him. Jordan refuse to answer. He then overhears them talking about letting Jordan go.

Jordan stayed over a friend's place and returned home the next day when Katarina Chapman was speaking to John and Marilyn and Jordan was furious at them for calling the cops on him. John offers Jordan a job at the Gelato/Juice Bar and he accepts. They soon bond. A week later, Olivia invites him to the School Charity Sleep Out for Homeless. Jordan refused at first, but accepts when Olivia said that she'll be alone. Jordan returns home and sees a present in front of him and thought it was from John and Marilyn, but they said it's not from them.

Until his father, Aaron came in and surprised him. Aaron and Jordan spoke for a while and Jordan meets John and Marilyn at Salt and told them that his father wants to take him. But Aaron told them that Jordan wanted to stay with them.

Jordan arrived to the school for the sleep out with Olivia and her friend, Taibtha and Taibtha mistook Jordan for Hunter, until Olivia told him that Jordan is not her boyfriend. That night, while settling in, Hunter started to humiliate Olivia and Jordan and told Olivia that she always wanted to hit on Jordan and Olivia defends Jordan telling Hunter that there's nothing going on between her and Jordan.

The next morning, John and Marilyn picks Jordan up from the school and take him home. The trio arrived home and was shocked when their house was robbed and Jordan was horrified of the crime scene. When the police checked through the crime scene, John and Marilyn told Kat that their belongings are missing. Kat told them that they'll find their stuff and Jordan told Kat that he knows where to find the missing belongings. Kat said him where and Jordan said with his dad.

Aaron was taken to the police station to be questioned, and Jordan and John arrives to the station and Jordan accused his father for robbing John and Marilyn. Aaron told Jordan that he didn't do it and Kat told Jordan that Aaron is not charged since they don't have any evidence to prove that he's guilty. At Salt, Jordan accused Aaron again and told him that he doesn't want to see him ever again.

Aaron returned John and Marilyn's stuff back and Jordan went for a walk with his father. Jordan returns home to tell John and Marilyn that he decided to give his father a second chance and will be leaving for the city. Jordan thanked John and Marilyn for looking after him and being apart of their family and Jordan leaves Summer Bay with his dad and moves back to the city.


Jordan has almost the same appearance like his foster brother, Jett. He has tan skin, half shaved-curly light brown hair cut and brown eyes. He wore the same clothes like Jett, T-shirts, shorts and throngs.


Aaron Walsh

Aaron Walsh is Jordan's father. He's a single parent to Jordan and raised him on his own. They lived in Darwin when Jordan was 8 and moved to the city. They lost their home and lived in the car, until the car was stolen. They live and sleep in parks or bus stops. One day, Aaron stole items from shops and got arrested and jailed, leaving Jordan on his own. 6 months later, Aaron was released from prison, in time for Jordan's 16th birthday and came to Jordan's foster parents' house, John and Marilyn to see him. When John and Marilyn were robbed, Jordan accused Aaron for the robbery, but Aaron denies of the robbery. At Salt, Jordan told Aaron that he doesn't want to see him again. Aaron returned the missing stuff back to John and Marilyn and gets a chance to talk to Jordan again, Jordan decided to give his father a second chance and Jordan says goodbye to John and Marilyn and leaves Summer Bay with Aaron and moving back to the city.

John Palmer

John is Jordan's foster father. After Skye left, John decided to foster another child with Marilyn and chose Jordan to foster. John tries to bond with the lad, but finds it hard and John tries to impress him. Eventually Jordan and John bonds and gets along. When Jordan's father, Aaron returned, Jordan wanted to stay with John and Marilyn, and Aaron robbed John's house and stole his stuff. Jordan came to John's defence and accused Aaron for robbing John. John tells Jordan not to be too hard on his father. Jordan told John that he wants to give his father a second chance and will be leaving Summer Bay to return to the city. Jordan thanked John for looking after him and says goodbye to John before leaving the Bay with Aaron.

Marilyn Chambers

Marilyn is Jordan's foster mother. She and John decided to foster another child and chose Jordan as their foster son. Marilyn tries to be friendly with Jordan, but Jordan struggles to. But he bonds with her and John. When Jordan's father, Aaron returned, Jordan wanted to stay with Marilyn and John. When Marilyn and John's house was robbed by Aaron, Jordan came to Marilyn and John's defence and accused Aaron for the robbery. Jordan told Marilyn that he's leaving Summer Bay to return to the city since he wanted to give Aaron a second chance and he thanked Marilyn and says goodbye to her before leaving the Bay for good.

Jett James

Jett is Jordan's foster brother. The two boys never met, because Jett no longer lives in the Bay, but Jordan has a similar look and bulid of Jett.

Skye Peters

Skye is Jordan's foster sister and Jett's ex-girlfriend. Jordan and Skye never met, because she left Summer Bay with new boyfriend Tank Snelgrove before Jordan was fostered.

Hunter King

Hunter is Jordan's best friend, the boys met at the beach during community service and became friends along the way. When Jordan fell sick and collapsed, Hunter helped him. But their friendship turned into a rival when Hunter became drunk and mistaken Jordan flirting with his girlfriend, Olivia and fights with him, and Jordan punched Hunter in self defense. Jordan and Hunter were no longer best friends since Hunter and Olivia broke up and was still jealous of Jordan and Olivia.

Olivia Fraser Richards

Olivia is Jordan's friend and Hunter's girlfriend. They became friends when Hunter introduced them to each other. At Hunter's party, Jordan was invited and talked to Olivia. Hunter became drunk and thought Jordan was hitting on Olivia and attacks Jordan. When Olivia and Hunter have relationship problems, Jordan tells her that she deserve someone better than Hunter. Olivia invited Jordan to Evelyn MacGuire's School Charity Sleep Out for Homeless, he refuses, but changed his mind. Olivia's best friend, Taibtha thought Jordan was Olivia's boyfriend, Hunter, but Olivia said that it's Jordan. When Jordan was about to depart Summer Bay with his father, Jordan possibly said goodbye to Olivia before leaving.

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