Johnny Barrett
Johnny Barrett
Residence Mangrove River
Gender Male
Relationships Cheryl Braxton

(ex girlfriend)

Debbie Barrett


Family Casey Braxton (Son)

Josh Barrett (Son)

Darryl Braxton (Stepson)

Heath Braxton (Stepson)

Andy Barrett (Stepson)

Scott Barrett (Brother)

First Appearance 3 October 2013
Portrayed by Blaze Hackman

Johnny was the father of Josh Barrett and Casey Braxton, and the brother of Scott Barrett who is seen in flashback. He committed an armed robbery with Danny Braxton. After Danny was arrested, he went to the Braxtons' house demanding the money from the robbery and hit Casey. Brax met him and offered him a half share but Johnny wanted it all. Brax pushed him and caused him to fall and hit his head, killing him. It was later revealed that he was still breathing but Adam Sharpe later finished him off.But Johnny stopped loving Cheryl and left her to raise Casey on her own with her other two sons, Darryl and Heath. She told Johnny's stepson, Andy Barrett that Johnny never loved Casey, as much as he had ever loved him and Josh