Joanna Scott
Gender Female
Family Bianca Scott (daughter)

April Scott (daughter) Dexter Walker (son-in-law) Liam Murphy (ex son-in-law) Heath Braxton (son-in-law) Rocco Scott-Braxton (grandson) Harley Lockwood-Braxton (step grandson) Darcy Callahan (step granddaughter)

First Appearance 19 November -26 November 2010
Portrayed by Tara Morice

Joanna Scott is the mother of Bianca and April Scott. She made her first appearance on 19 November 2010 and made her final appearance on 26 November 2010.


She arrives for Bianca's wedding to Italian Prince, Vitorrio Seca iAfter Bianca jilts Vittorio in favor of Vitorrio Seca Joanna blames April and takes her back to Europe with her as a punishment.


Tara Morice was best known as Fran from "Strictly Ballroom" back in 1992 and Miss Raine, a dance teacher from "Dance Academy".

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