Jake Priovic
Images (1)
Gender Male
Relationships Tegan callahan

(ex girlfriend)

Family Hammer pirovic


First Appearance 22 July 2011
Portrayed by Fletcher Humphrys
Jake is the leader of a rival surf gang. He dates Tegan Callahan and Jake is arrested alongside Heath Braxton but later released. He demands his drugs back from Darryl Braxton and kidnaps Casey Braxton and Ruby Buckton. Brax gives the drugs back to Jake, but when he realises some are missing, he attacks Darryl. Jake is later sent to jail. Upon his release, he goes to Charlie Buckton's home and shoots her in revenge for his brother's death. Jake waits for Brax at his house and they fight. Jake takes off in his car, followed by Brax. They fight again on the beach and Jake is caught by the police. He confesses to shooting Charlie. 2 years, later he returns to the Bay and does drug dealing with Andy Barrett . He plans to kill Darryl Braxton He later then calls his dealers to kidnap Andy's younger brother Josh Barrett Hiding at a barn, Jake mocks Josh before Andy and Casey Braxton (Lincoln Younes) arrive and while Andy distracts him, Casey disarms Jake, btu he manages to escape with the gun and while Brax and Casey argue, Jake fires a bullet through the window and Casey gets hit. Casey dies at the scene while Jake gets away.

Jake then leaves a message in the Surf Club saying 'RIP Baby Braxton' then John goes to the Braxton's house to deliver this message. Brax then loses it but when Kyle reads it out Andy's shocked because Jake wrote this message. Aftrr burying Casey, Andy and Brax stole a car and waited for the right time for Jake to come out to his hiding spot. Jake soon realised he was tailed when he finds tire tracks and attempts to escape. Brax gives chase and runs him off the road. Breifly getting out of the flipped car, Jake just stood, glaring at Brax before the car exploded, sending Pirovic in a coma. A few days later, Andy breaks into Jake's room and unplugs the ventilator, killing Jake instantly and avenging Casey. Brax is suspected to have killed Jake, but Ricky told Emerson that when she told Brax about her pregnancy, it stopped him. Josh soon lies to Emerson and the case is left unsolved.

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