Hunter King
Occupation Student
Residence Summer Bay House
Gender Male
Relationships Olivia Fraser Richards (girlfriend)
Lindsay Ford (kissed)
Tabitha Ford (kissed)
Family Wally Burns (father)
Charlotte King (mother, deceased)
Ernest King (grandfather, deceased)
Peggy King (grandmother)
Unnamed child (abortion)
First Appearance 27 July 2015
Portrayed by Scott Lee
Hunter King is the only teenage son of the late Charlotte King and Wally Burns. He is the grandson of Charlotte's parents, Ernest and Peggy King. Hunter is the boyfriend of Olivia Fraser-Richards and was the father of her child, which was abortion. Hunter also believes that his father is Charlotte's ex, Zac MacGuire.

Early Years

Hunter grew up with his mother, Charlotte raising him as a single parent. Hunter never knew who his father was until Charlotte told him that Zac was his father, who lives in Summer Bay with his nieces, Denny and Evelyn and nephew, Oscar. Hunter was desperate to meet his dad. Charlotte was offered a job as a teacher at Summer Bay High and moved there. Hunter then goes to Summer Bay to find his father.


After spending days following Zac MacGuire and Leah Patterson-Baker around Summer Bay, Hunter breaks into Summer Bay House and rummages through their drawers.Josh Barrett catches him and Hunter knocks him down the stairs.VJ Patterson gives chase and manages to pull Hunter's backpack off of him. Hunter then visits his mother, Charlotte, at her motel room and tells her he is done waiting and wants to meet Zac,his father, now. She realises that he set fire to Zac and Leah's house and sends him away. Upon his return, Hunter finds Zac and reveals that he is his son. VJ confronts Hunter about pushing Josh down the stairs and they fight. Zac and Hunter bond over a shared interest in basketball. Hunter has trouble accepting Leah and VJ as part of his life. He manipulates Zac into spending more time with him, causing a strain on Zac and Leah's relationship. After arguing with them about his behaviour, Hunter breaks into Leah's diner and steals the safe. He accidentally exposes some electrical wiring and knocks over a bucket of water, causing Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons) to suffer a serious electric shock. Hunter feels guilty, but Charlotte refuses to let him go to the police and instead sends him to stay with his grandmother for a few days.

Hunter promises Zac that he will try to be a better son. He soon learns Charlotte has been having sex with Matt Page (Alec Snow), a high school student, and that she has stolen money from his trust fund. He moves out of their apartment and stays with Zac and Leah. Hunter is abducted by Trystan Powell, who wants revenge on Charlotte. He is drugged and left in the bush. Hunter is eventually rescued by Kat Chapman. Hunter begins a relationship with Olivia Fraser Richards. When he learns that Charlotte plans to reveal he was behind the fire at Leah's house and that she killed his cousin, Denny Miller, Hunter leaves the Bay after flagging down passing motorist, Lindsay Ford. On his return, Hunter finds out his mother has died. He finally admits that he caused the fire at Leah's house during Billie Ashford's (Tessa de Josselin) arson trial. He is later accused of his mother's murder. Lindsay tries to break up his relationship when she tells Olivia that she and Hunter kissed. Lindsay takes Alf Stewart's (Ray Meagher) ute and knocks Hunter over when he tries to stop her. He later suffers a collapsed lung during a picnic with Olivia, and Zac performs an emergency procedure to get him breathing properly again.

Olivia falls pregnant and she and Hunter decide to have an abortion, as they are not ready to be parents. Hunter and Olivia's relationship is strained and she starts self-harming again. Hunter stabs Andy Barrett after learning he was responsible for Charlotte's death. Hunter is arrested and given community service work. He later learns Andy's brother Josh shot his mother. Hunter befriends Jordan Walsh during his community service and invites him to a party at The Farmhouse. Hunter gets drunk and fights with Jordan, leading to the break up of relationship with Olivia. Olivia's new friend Tabitha Ford (Eliza Scanlen) warns Hunter to stay away from her, before she begins manipulating Olivia. Tabitha frames Hunter when she accesses school records and changes his exam score, resulting in his suspension. Olivia eventually ends her friendship with Tabitha, who seeks revenge. She dresses in a similar style to Olivia, enters Hunter's caravan at night and kisses him in the hope of breaking up his friendship with Olivia. Hunter rescues Olivia when Tabitha poses as Olivia's abuser on social media. Olivia and Hunter reconcile. Hunter becomes stressed about his final exams and his lack of plans for university. He is also tempted to cheat when he is offered the English exam paper.

Olivia asks that they take a break from their relationship. Hunter clashes with John Palmer (Shane Withington), when John fails him during his Bronze Medallion exam. Hunter smashes John's walkie talkie after he bumps into him. When a fire breaks out at the caravan park, Hunter is blamed, but John soon realises that he caused the fire and apologises. Hunter later finds John collapsed outside the surf club and he and Olivia call an ambulance. Hunter becomes jealous when Olivia begins dating Mason Morgan. When a bush fire breaks out and heads towards the Summer Grooves music festival, Hunter risks his life to find Olivia and Mason. After escaping the fire, Hunter is injured when he returns to find Olivia, who later turns up safe. The police bring Hunter in for questioning about the recent cases of arson around the town. Hunter fights with Mason, and later suggests to Olivia that they should stay away from each other. After Olivia breaks up with Mason, Hunter helps her out with her university nerves by asking Evelyn to give her a tour of the campus. Hunter and Olivia get back together. After they struggle to find time to see each other, Hunter suggests he and Olivia move in together and she agrees. They eventually find a place, but they are forced to clean it up. After they are burgled, Irene invites them to move in with her. Hunter and Olivia take out VJ to cheer him up, but when he gets drunk and tries to kiss Olivia, Hunter fights with him.

Zac falls from the roof of Summer Bay House and Hunter initially blames Leah, as Zac was trying to get her attention. When Zac makes a remark about when his break up with Charlotte occurred, Hunter starts to question his paternity. After learning Zac is planning to leave the Bay, he conducts a DNA test. When Zac says he wants Hunter to come with him, Hunter tries to stop VJ from posting the test, but he is too late. The results arrive and Hunter throws them away, before retrieving them and learning that Zac is not his father. After he tells Zac, he encourages him to leave the Bay. Hunter struggles with the revelation about his paternity and Olivia encourages him to stay in contact with Zac. Alf asks Hunter to help out with an event at the beach, and he clashes with Mason. After he tries to start a fight, Hunter breaks down and tells Mason about Zac. They apologise to each other. Hunter decides to look for his biological father and contacts his grandmother, Peggy King (Caroline Gillmer), who comes to the Bay. He tells her about Zac, but Peggy reacts badly and accuses Hunter of ruining Charlotte's life. Olivia makes things worse when she talks with Peggy, who tells the police about the Diner robbery, leading to Hunter's arrest. He and Olivia have a big argument. Hunter apologises to Irene, Marilyn and Leah, before learning that he will not be charged. Hunter and Peggy reconcile and she suggests that a former neighbour, Wally Burns (Julian Garner), could be his father. Hunter writes to Wally, but the letter is returned to him. However, Wally comes to the Bay and meets with Hunter. He tells him that he cannot be his father, as he is infertile. Hunter asks Wally to take a DNA test, before Wally leaves. He returns a few days later and reveals that a DNA test confirmed that he is Hunter's father. Hunter tries to bond with Wally, but finds that they do not have much in common.


Hunter has short blond hair and hazel eyes. He has pale skin and muscular. He wore many no-sleeve tops, T-shirts and shorts. He wore jewellery on his wrist and likes to play basketball with his friend, VJ.


  • Tank Snelgrove's portrayer, Reece Milne auditioned for Hunter before Hunter's portrayer, Scott Lee auditioned.
  • In real life, Scott's natural hair colour is brown, but he dyes it blond for the role of Hunter.
  • In 2017, Scott Lee will leave Home and Away to pursue more careers in Los Angeles, USA.