| name= Hannah Wilson

Will did the person got in Caravan park Explosion come to Rock Summer bay she was nice girl I love to meet them any where in Ireland thank for listen to me My name is Ciara O'Loughlin from Inagh Ballyea South Co Clare that is good 

| image= Haa_char_hannah_wilson_630x354_192ar7i-192ar84.jpg

| caption= Cassie Howarth as Hannah Wilson

| occupation= nurse

| residence= Farm House

| gender= Female

| relationships= The

Sean Gleeson

(ex-fiance, affair)

Zac MacGuire


Andy Barrett


Ben Allman

(one-night stand)

Jay Bowden

(one-night stand)

Chris Harrington

(kissed, boyfriend)

| family= Sarah McGuire


Oscar McGuire


Evelyn McGuire


Denny Miller

(step niece)

Ethan McGuire

(Brother in law) | first appearance= 29 August 2013 | portrayer= Cassie Howarth }} Hannah Wilson played by Cassie Howarth, made her first screen appearance on 29 August 2013.


Hannah comes to Summer Bay to ask Zac MacGuire for his help, when she believes their niece and nephew are being brainwashed by a cult that Zac's brother, Ethan, has got them involved in. Howarth explained "Hannah hasn't seen Zac in years, because he's been estranged from his brother. Hannah's sister, Sarah, was married to Ethan, but died a year ago. Hannah has been looking after the kids and helping her brother-in-law. She's played a real motherly role with them." Zac initially thinks Hannah is over reacting, but decides to go and see Ethan and his children at the camp. Howarth said that Hannah has been to the camp a few times and has got a bad feeling about what goes on there. Ethan gives Hannah and Zac a tour; passing the place off as a group enlightening camp. Howarth called the storyline "hard-hitting" and added that it was not a smooth transition to life in the Bay.

With the help of the Braxtons, Hannah and Zac rescue Oscar and Evelyn. Hannah moves into Leah Patterson-Baker's house and gets a job at the local hospital as a nurse. Hannah and Zac develop feelings for each other, but agree not to take things further for the sake of the twins. In 2016, Hannah injured her head at the caravan explosion at the fundraiser event. After Oscar died, Hannah suffers a head injury while at work and dies from cardiac arrest as Nate tries to save her.

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