Hammer Pirovic
Tumblr inline mpqp2xtkGd1qz4rgp
Gender Male
Family Jake pirovic


First Appearance 22 August 2011
Portrayed by Benedict Samuel

Hammer Pirovic is a member of his brother Jake's (Fletcher Humphrys) gang. While Jake is in prison, Hammer becomes the leader of the gang. He gives Darryl "Brax" Braxton (Steve Peacocke) a warning and when he learns Heath Braxton (Daniel Ewing) turned witness on Jake for an early release from jail, he threatens the brothers. Hammer and his gang beat Heath up. Heath and some members of the River Boys, retaliate by smashing up Hammer's car. Hammer and his gang set fire to Heath's car and the gangs face off on the beach. They are broken up by the police, but Hammer's gang get a hold of Stu Henderson (Brenton Thwaites) and remove his tattoo. They dump him outside of Brax and Heath's house. Charlie Buckton (Esther Anderson) and her colleague Georgina Watson (Jacklyn Albergoni) stop Hammer for speeding and they find a large piece of wood. Georgina stays with him to search the rest of his ute, while Charlie goes to stop a brawl between the gangs. Hammer goes to the hospital when he learns Jake's girlfriend, Tegan Callahan (Saskia Burmeister) died. He warns Brax that the next time they meet, both he and Charlie will be dead. Hammer later tells Brax that Jake wants to see him suffer, so he and his gang are going to go after Charlie. Someone then shoots Charlie from Hammer's car. One of Charlie's colleagues reveals Hammer was at the station reporting his stolen car when she was shot. Charlie decides to bring in Hammer, but he reveals nothing about the shooting. Hammer attends Tegan's funeral and then confronts Brax, demanding he gives up his territory. Hammer kidnaps Charlie and tells Brax to come and save her. Hammer intends to kill them both, but a fight breaks out and Charlie shoots Hammer dead.

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