Gelato is a small kiosk selling ice cream, juices and smoothies located in the main area downstairs in the new SLSC, it replaces Noah's Juice Bar as the main hang out area for the local teenagers of Summer Bay.

In this area of the Surf Club there is also a small workout area tucked in the corner replacing Summer Bay Super Bods which has been in financial troubles recently and is no longer visible as a separate area in the Surf Club. In this area of the Surf Club there is also a boutique selling magazines and surf, skateboard and fashion items and a pool table in the centre of the area. Gelato is owned and run by Alf Stewart. Alf and John worked there since the beginning. Dallas Phillips works there in 2011, but a year later she is fired by John when she spilt gelato. VJ Patterson is later hired to work there.


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