Ethan MacGuire
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Occupation Lawyer
Gender Male
Relationships Sarah MacGuire


Family Zac MacGuire


Evelyn MacGuire


Oscar MacGuire


Denny Miller


Hannah Wilson


First Appearance 2 September 2013 - 27 January 2014
Portrayed by Matt Minto
 Ethan MacGuire is the father of Denny Miller, Evelyn and Oscar MacGuire and the brother of Zac McGuire. He made his first appearance on the 2 September 2013 and made his final appearance on the 27 January 2014.


As a teenager, Ethan met a girl named Olivia Miller and when he was told from her that she's pregnant with their daughter, he left Olivia and left her to raise their daughter, Denny on her own. He soon marries Sarah Wilson and had twins, named Evelyn and Oscar.


Following the death of Sarah, Ethan moved his children, Oscar and Evelyn, to an enlightenment camp run by Murray Granger, which turns out to be a cult. Sarah's sister, Hannah Wilson visits the family and tries to get the twins to come live with her. She later turns to Ethan's brother, Zac, for help. Zac comes to the camp to visit Ethan and the twins. Ethan later catches Oscar contacting Zac and he is beaten.

Zac returns, but Ethan and Evelyn warn him to stay away. He is then issued with an AVO on behalf of Ethan. Zac, along with Darryl, Heath and Kyle Braxton, manages to rescue the twins from the cult. Evelyn later returns to be with him. When Spencer Harrington is beaten, Evelyn pleads with Ethan to help her get Spencer to a hospital and away from the cult.

Murray is arrested for assaulting Spencer and Ethan takes over the cult. He soon release from prison and came to Summer Bay to bring Evelyn and Oscar to come back and live with him, but Oscar refuses to forgive him for what he did and Evelyn said she'll stay where Oscar wants to stay.

During a music festival, he has Oscar and Evelyn kidnapped. When Kyle tries to intervene, he is hit over the head and Ethan takes Kyle with them. Oscar, Evelyn and Kyle are locked inside a shipping container. Ethan goes to the hospital to tell Hannah not to worry about the twins anymore. Shortly after, a bomb explodes, leaving Ethan badly injured. Hannah helps him, but he later goes into cardiac arrest and dies.

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