Debbie Barrett
HandA DebbieshootsatBrax5
Residence Mangrove River
Gender Female
Relationships Scott Barrett

(Ex husband)

Johnny Barrett


Family Andy Barrett


Josh Barrett


Casey Braxton (Stepson)

First Appearance 30 September 2013
Portrayed by Olivia Pigeot

Debbie is Josh barrett's mother. She helps Scott barrett's son Andy to hide after he runs Casey Braxton off the road and Darryl Braxton comes looking for him. Brax finds Debbie at an old house and Debbie tells Brax that her husband Johnny left them after a botched robbery. Andy arrives and hits Brax, who then chases and catches him. Debbie defends Brax and then asks him if he knows where Johnny is, Brax says he does not. Just as Brax is about to enter the police van, Debbie steals Scott Barrett's gun and tries to shoot him, but as she fires, her son Josh is hit and she is arrested. She was mentioned by Scott Barrett's son Andy, who came to her to ask about the baby photo Johnny had and she replies it is Casey's.

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