{{Infobox character|occupation = Student|residence = Sydney|gender = Female|relationships = Jett James

|family =


[[Health Braxton


Bianca Scott


cheryl Braxton


Danny Braxton


Darryl Braxton


Kyle Braxton


Casey Braxton


[[Rocco Scott


[[Harley Lockwood


James Braxton

Boyfriend Zayne Malick

(2nd cousin)|first appearance = First Appearance 25 July 2011 - 30 July 2014|portrayer = Portrayed by Alea O'Shea|name = Darcy callahan|image = Callahan darcy.jpg}}Darcy is Tegan Callahan's (Saskia Burmeister) daughter. Darcy believes her father is Darryl Braxton (Steve Peacocke) and she enjoys spending time with him. However, Tegan later reveals her real father is Heath Braxton(Dan Ewing). She reappears in a few episodes, reuniting with Heath and he manages to convince Connie to share custody with her and one day on the beach, Heath and Darcy befriend Sally Fletcher and her daughter,Pippa during their walk. She returns for her father's marriage to Bianca Scott and is taken home afterword by her grandmother, Cheryl. She returns to Summer Bay to start Year 7 at Summer Bay High and develops a secret crush on Jett James. She bullies a Year 10 girl hanging around him by telling her to get lost and at The Diner, Darcy throws orange juice on her. She now as a new boyfriend name Zayn Malick From Union J

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