Dan Baker was a character in Home and Away. He was portrayed by Tim Campbell.

Dan Baker
Dan Baker
Dan Baker
Occupation Counsellor, Teacher
Gender Male
Relationships Amanda Vale (divorced)
Leah Patterson-Baker (2005- to death 2008)
Family Peter Baker (Brother)
Ryan Baker (Son)
First Appearance 2004- 2007
Portrayed by Tim Campbell

Dan arrived in Summer Bay after hearing that his brother Peter Baker had been put in a coma. Dan and Leah started a relationship.

Drew and Peter

After Jack and Martha's wedding Dan was shocked to find out that he had a nephew Drew who turned up in the Bay, and Dan and Leah took him in. He was shocked when Drew went missing. Then Drew turned up safe and along whit his father Peter Baker, Dan's Brother. Dan had thought Peter was dead, but he had been in witness protection. Dan refused to speak to Peter after that. But Leah eventually persuaded him and the brothers grew close again.


Dan revealed he had been given the job in America to Leah. Leah agreed and they began to get ready for their new life together. Dan moved overseas at the end of 2007 with the view of Leah moving over a few months later.


In early 2008 Dan was involved in abseiling accident and died. An American man told Leah that Dan had actually died saving his son and he wanted Leah to have £100,000 as compensation to set up a memorial for him. With Irene and Roman, Leah put the money towards rebuilding The Diner and building a social club for kids to hang out at, something Dan had dreamed of doing. 

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