Charlotte is quite a serious woman. She hasn't had a marvelous past which leads her to actions while in Summer Bay. Being a single mother Charlotte has only ever wanted the best for her son, Hunter, but her parenting skills were never top notch.

Charlotte can be quite manipulating, she is seen in many episodes using secrets or information against characters so that she can get what she wants. Now Charlotte is dead. She got shot. After everyone found out she killed Denny and buried her in the bush, everyone wanted her gone. "She deserveIrene said, "I would strangle her if I had the chance to" Said Ash and Zac said "If I knew she was coming I would have killed her myself " so there are many possibility's of who killed her.


While enjoying a drink at Angelo's, Charlotte notices Matt Page and he joins poo her table. Charlotte goes back to Matt's caravan and they have sex. The next day, Charlotte goes to the high school and Zac introduces her to Leah Patterson-Baker his ex-girlfriend and the new biology teacher. Charlotte soon realises that Matt is a student and they both agree to keep their one-night stand a secret. Charlotte helps Josh Barrett locate his brother Andy who has taken off in his car while intoxicated. Leah later asks Charlotte to tutor Matt and she reluctantly agrees. During their first session, Charlotte and Matt reignite their affair. Maddy later witnesses Matt trying to give Charlotte a flower and works out that they are dating. Matt takes photos of himself and Charlotte in bed together. Matt informs Charlotte that Maddy knows about them, and she threatens Maddy. Charlotte then ends things with Matt. When Leah tries to work out who she is dating, Charlotte panics and Andy lies that it is him. Matt threatens to release the photos and Charlotte tries to take his phone. He later tells her that the photos are on his laptop. When Leah's house burns down, Matt accuses Charlotte. He later apologises and they agree to move on. Charlotte and Andy kiss and begin dating for real. Charlotte gives Zac a loan after he learns the house insurance lapsed and the loan company forced him to pay $20,000 for not going through with the loan. Charlotte's son Hunter breaks into her motel room and then demands to be introduced to his father Zac. Charlotte later realises that Hunter set fire to Zac and Leah's house.

She and Hunter then moved into the Diner Apartment where she later killed Denny Miller, who was hoping to speak with Hunter about her job and found a safe stolen from the Diner. She buried it and Denny's body in the woods, where a man named Tristan Powell, who is one of Trevor 'Gunno' Gunson's accomplices threatened to expose the death unless she gave him $200,000. She had no choice but to steal from Hunter and learnt that Gunno's enemy Darryl Braxton, who was thought dead was actually alive after reading Denny's diary and demanded she find out from Brax's family. After Hunter was kidnapped and dumped in the bush, she demanded Tristan to let her go, but he refuses and leaves her car, only for her to accelerate into Tristan, killing him. Charlotte insists with Irene and Kat that it was an accident, but Kat thinks Charlotte hit Trystan on purpose. Charlotte tells Kat that she can't believe that she can prove that. A week later, Charlotte gets a call from Trystan's mate Gunno, requesting her to visit him in prison. Charlotte meets Gunno for the first time and he was angry at her for what she did to Trystan. Charlotte states it was an accident, but he doesn't believe her, and reminds her that she also murdered Denny. Kat tells Charlotte that she got a call from the prison that she has been visiting Gunno. Charlotte says that Gunno is her ex-boyfriend who she met at the bar 15 years ago. Martin Ashford, Brax's friend, who also knows that Brax is alive, speaks with Charlotte about Gunno, and knows that Gunno isn't her ex. Charlotte later drugs Kat and when she starts to feel the effects, Charlotte uses the opportunity to steal Kat's gun and handcuffs, leading to the latter's suspension. When she finds out Kat was still investigating her despite suspension, she asks Gunno to get his boys to get rid of her.

At Leah and Zac's Wedding day, Kat has found that Charlotte is the killer of Denny and Trystan and she and the police go to arrest her, but Charlotte was not home. Charlotte looked at a photo of Hunter with Leah and Zac, and wore Leah's wedding veil on her head. She then turns up to the ceremony and threaten to reveal everyone's secrets. Charlotte gets shot and dies.

Ash was the first suspect cleared after a camera footage saw him enter a gas station at the time of the murder. The detective in charge has Zac arrested on false charges of accusing him of killing Charlotte and is refused bail. After Zac was acquitted due to a post he had liked, the case was left unsolved, but while waiting for the officers, who were at the Caravan Park, Kat noticed a piece of a watch and encountered Josh. She tells him that he was the one who murdered Charlotte. After many attempts to deny, Josh immediately confessed.



  • Heynatz who portrays Charlotte King, said it was "...the perfect role and the character is going to be a lot of fun to play."
  • It was Heynatz's first acting role on television.
  • Heynatz was 6 months pregnant when they shot her character's death scene.