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Brody Morgan
Occupation Chef
Restaurant owner and manager
Residence 13 Healey Road
Gender Male
Relationships Unnamed ex-girlfriend
Phoebe Nicholson (possible attraction,former)
Jeannie Woods (ex-girlfriend)
Lena Ascot (kissed)
Ziggy Astoni (wife)
Family Koby Lee (father, deceased)
Kate Lee (mother, deceased)
Justin Morgan (brother)
Mason Morgan (brother)
Tori Morgan (sister)
Raffy Morrison (half-sister)
Ava Gilbert (niece)
Buddy (pet dog)
Ziggy Astoni (wife)
Ben Astoni (father-in-law)
Maggie Astoni (mother-in-law)
Coco Astoni (sister-in-law)
First Appearance 7 June 2016
Portrayed by Jackson Heywood

Brody Morgan, also known as Bart Lee, is the brother of Justin Morgan, Tori Morgan and Mason Morgan. He's also the oldest half-brother of Raffy Morrison. He is Jeannie Woods' ex-boyfriend and Ziggy Astoni's current love interest and husband.

He's a chef who works in Brisbane, Queensland before moving to Summer Bay. He mentioned to Evelyn McGuire that he used help his mother, Kate in the kitchen, which made him become a chef


Brody was born as Bart Lee, to Koby and Kate Lee. Seven years before he and his siblings, Jack (Justin), Tessa (Tori) and Michael (Mason) moved to Summer Bay, Koby and Kate were murdered by Ranae Turner, Blaine Varden and Kevin "Spike" Lowe, who are still threatening him and his family. The Lees goes under witness protection by the police and were given new identities for protection and goes under as the Morgans, and Bart becomes Brody Morgan. Before being in witness protection, Brody had a girlfriend, but she left him for a girl, realising that she's a lesbian.


Brody and his two brothers, Justin and Mason Morgan were driving on the road of Yabbie Creek to Summer Bay, and their car almost crashed into Martin Ashford's, which leads Ash and Justin into a fight.

But Brody stops the fight and the brothers move on. They bump into Ash again and their sister, Tori Morgan introduced her brothers to Ash and Alf Stewart.

Brody went to the Diner with Mason and meets the owner Leah Patterson-Baker, Brody insults Leah's food in front of her face, she became offended and tells Brody and Mason to get out of the Diner. That night, Tori found out from Mason about Brody's insults about Leah's food and was angry at him for claiming insults. Brody befriended with Phoebe Nicholson who slept with Justin the night before and Brody made her breakfast.

A week later, when Angelo's was in trouble, Brody steps in during service. After Phoebe watched him run through service, she offered him a job as a new chef for Angelo's and Brody accepts the job. On his first day at work, Brody stops a fight between Mason and Justin, and was angry at his brothers starting a fight on his first day at work. Later, Brody apologized to Phoebe for Mason's behaviour.

When the chef at Angelo's walks out, Brody steps in to help Phoebe throughout service. Phoebe was impressed by Brody's skills and she offers him a job, which he accepts. On his first day at work, Brody stops a fight between Mason and Justin. Brody buys Angelo's, and he and Phoebe come up with plans to give Angelo's a makeover and a new name. Brody renames the restaurant Salt. Brody was then followed by Spike Lowe (Jason Montgomery), who followed him by car, Brody then reports it to his siblings that he's been followed. When the Morgan's learn their lives are in danger, they are forced to leave Summer Bay. Brody is initially reluctant to go, Brody left Phoebe in charge of Salt as he went into hiding with his siblings.

The family are held hostage by Blaine Varden, who reveals that their mother died to protect Justin. Brody suffers a head injury after he is pushed down an embankment by Spike and is taken to hospital, where he eventually regains consciousness. Soon, Brody was discharged from hospital and works at Salt again. Brody was told by Tori that Justin knew who killed their parents and Brody angrily kicked Justin out of the restaurant. He was angry at Phoebe for letting Justin stay at her place then lashes at her when she mentioned Justin's name and threatens to fire her. Brody began to suspect that Mason has quickly moved on from his ex, Lara Adams and start to have feelings for Evelyn McGuire and tells Mason not to start a new relationship with Evie.

Brody was invited to go to a flying trip to a vineyard for Tori's birthday by Duncan Stewart (Benedict Wall), with Evie, Mason, Tori, Irene Roberts, Leah and Billie Ashford, but during the flight, Brody and everyone passed out and the plane crashed in the desert. But Brody was missing and was separated from his family and friends. Brody became dehyrated and his vision became hallucinated when he sees his deceased mother, Kate Lee at the beach. While hiking in hallucinated, Brody takes all his clothes off and jumps off a cliff, injuring himself. Tori, Nate, Justin and Duncan found him and bring him to the hospital. Brody's heart stopped during surgery, but Brody's heart beats again and he recovers. Brody decided to grow a veggie patch at the farmhouse for the restaurant, and asked Evie to help him. They talked about family and they muck around, by throwing soil at each other.

Brody told Evie that today was great and they should do it again sometimes, which Evie agrees. Mason overheard their conversation while coming to see Evie, mistakenly thought Evie and Brody slept together. Mason attacks Brody, but grabbing his neck and shove him to the fridge, but Evie and Brody told Mason that nothing happened. At a volleyball event, Brody meets Jeannie Woods, who is a friend of Evie's and Brody became attached to her. Brody was annoyed that Matt Page also likes Jeannie too. Brody offers Jeannie a job at Salt and they flirt. At the end of work, Jeannie kiss Brody on the cheek, and Brody attempts to kiss her, but she pushes him, and he tells her to leave. Jeannie lost her job, but Brody offers her to come back and gave her a box of strawberries. She kisses him and they start a relationship.

Brody and Jeannie went on their first date, but Jeannie told him that her parents kicked her out of the house and Jeannie stays with Brody. But the next day, Jeannie's father, Randall Woods came in the house and confronts Brody. But Randall calms down and thanked Brody being a good friend to Jeannie. That night, Randall tells Brody to stay away from Jeannie as he and Jeannie's mother are doomsday preppers. Brody and Jeannie agrees to date in secret. However, Jeannie and Brody end things and Jeannie left her job at Salt for another job in Yabbie Creek and left. In 2017, Brody struggles to make a new menu for the restaurant and buys drugs from Lena Ascot (Felicity McKay). Brody soon became addicted to drugs and buys more from Lena and her accompanist, William Zannis (Caleb Alloway). Brody began to lie to his siblings and friends about his drug addiction and he shouts and puts Raffy in danger.

Brody tries to sell Raffy's necklace for drugs from a pawn shop, and the owner asked him for $10, and Brody gets aggressive and trashes the stock and runs off as the police pursues him and hijacks a car with Scarlett Snow, who took him to her house, where she knocks him out and ties him up. He later leaves with Zannis. Brody moves out and move in with Scarlett, but he ransacks her house, and broke into her safe box and stole her $10,000 and her golden bracelet. Brody befriended with Ziggy Astoni after he helped her hide from her father, Ben Astoni. He bumps into Ziggy again, when she moved to Summer Bay with her family. When Ziggy was not happy when her new home, she decided to return to the city to her boyfriend Jarrod, and asked Brody to take her back to the city, which he agrees. He drops her off, but returns after Ziggy called him to pick her up.

Brody and Ziggy's relationship became close as they spend more time together, and they share a kiss. But Ziggy's parents Ben and Maggie Astoni disapproves of Ziggy and Brody seeing each other as they found out that Brody is a drug addict. However, Ziggy rejects Brody's affections. Brody and Mason got involved in a car accident and Mason was badly injured and Tori blames Brody for Mason's accident. Ziggy came to see Brody at the hospital but he tells her to leave. Brody decided to go to rehab to recover from his drug addiction and says goodbye to his family and Ziggy, who kisses him goodbye. Brody later tells Justin that he's been seeing ghost visions of their parents.

Brody returns home to find out that Zannis is back in town and receives a message from Ziggy's phone and saw a photo of Ziggy held captive by Zannis and his henchmen and the message tells him to meet her at a motel and his arrives to find Ziggy tied up and Zannis held Brody hostage. Brody begs Zannis to let Ziggy go, but he refuses. Kat arrives to save them, but was knocked out and tied up by Zannis. Brody plans an escape with Ziggy and tries to hit Zannis, but was overpowered. Zaniness tells his henchmen to takes Brody and Ziggy to the car for a different location. As Zannis' henchmen takes them to the car, Robbo, who followed Kat arrives and attacks the men, and disarmed Zannis, saving Brody and Ziggy.. After the incident, Ben comes to the Morgans house and tells Brody to stay away from Ziggy.

Brody tells Ziggy that he is so sorry, by text and she replies to him not to talk to her again. A week later, Brody finds out Ziggy suffered a panic attack and visions of Zannis and his henchman coming after her and Brody and Scarlett assumed that Ziggy needs help and sends Tori to check on her. That evening, Ziggy asked Brody to meet her at the beach and she arrives in her father's ute and she thanks Brody for sending Tori to see her and that she agrees to go and see a counseller. They talked and sat on the ute's hood. Brody tells Ziggy that he should've been the way he was before, and Ziggy tells him that she like him who is he now and they share a kiss, leading them to sleep together.

After Irene overheard Ziggy and Olivia's conversation about her night with Brody, Irene confronts Brody and reminds him that he's still recovering from his drug addiction and force him to tell Ziggy the truth. Ziggy sneaks Brody into her house while Ben and Maggie were out and they make out until Brody tells her about him still recovering and they try to end their secret relationship. But as Brody was about to leave, he and Ziggy couldn't resist each other, which leads them to sleep together again. After sleeping together, they agree to date and see each other in secret.

A week later, Brody goes to the hospital to see Mason, who still blames him for his accident. Tori and Justin tries to make Mason forgive Brody, but fails. Brody told Ziggy that Mason still hates him and wanted him to move out of their home. Brody tries to make peace with Mason again. But Mason cracks and tries to strangle him, yelling at him that he did this to him, before Justin pulls Mason away, trying to calm him down. Brody left the house in the middle of an arguement between Mason, Justin and Tori.

Brody told Ziggy everything, who tells him to try harder. Justin later takes Brody, Tori and Mason to their parents’ graves and asked Brody and Mason if they really want to tear their family apart. Justin and Tori leaves Mason and Brody to talk. Brody offer his hand with Mason, who takes it and hugs him, making peace at last. Brody decided not to join his siblings to dinner to celebrate and lies to them that he felt sick. While watching TV with Buddy, Ziggy arrives and kisses him for sorting things out with Mason. Brody gave Ziggy a necklace as a thank you gift before they slept together.

However, they got caught by Justin, who found Ziggy’s top on the couch, causing their secret relationship discovered. Justin was angry at Brody for disobeying Ben and Brody confess to Justin that he cares for Ziggy a lot. Brody struggles when he has a trial. Scarlett agrees to be Brody’s Lawyer. Tired of hiding his relationship with Ziggy, he persuaded her to tell her parents, but was annoyed when she couldn’t tell them. That night, Brody finds Ziggy outside his front door, and comforts her in an embrace as she cries.

She told Brody that she told her parents about their relationship and disapproves and as a result Ben kicks her out of the house, causing her to stay with Brody. The next day, Brody support Ziggy as she confronts Ben, who apologised to her and begging her to come home. Ziggy asked Ben about Brody, who still accepts their relationship. Brody tells her that it’s okay, but she denies it before telling Ben that she belongs with Brody.

That night, Brody came to see Ziggy who was at Olivia’s Fashion launch party at Salt. Brody tells Ziggy that he’s going to break up with her because he doesn’t want her get involved into his mess, leaving Ziggy heartbroken. Brody finds Raffy at the party, who was drunk, and makes funny complains about his beard. During Brody’s trial, Justin and Ziggy supports him at the court house. Brody gets a suspended warning rather than a jail parole, delighting him, Justin and Ziggy.

Brody was seen walking at an alley way in the city and finds Ziggy being assaulted by Curtis, who spiked her drink at a nightclub that she attends with Olivia. Brody reacts and ran towards Ziggy, telling Curtis to get off her, who fled. Brody and Olivia takes her home and as they arrived at the front door, Ziggy tells Brody to leave her alone as he tries to help. Ben saw them and runs and punches Brody in the face, which Olivia witnessed. The next day, Ziggy saw Brody’s black eye and asked him if Ben gave him that black eye.

At the Diner, Sergeant Phillip McCarthy saw Brody’s black eye and asked him what happened. Brody lies to him that that he hit his face on the door, until Olivia told McCarthy that Ben punches Brody, who told Olivia to stop. Brody was accused by Ziggy who told him that Ben is questioned for assaulting him. Brody told Ziggy that he didn’t report Ben. Brody arrives to the police station and informs that he doesn’t want to report Ben. As Ben was bailed, Ben finds out that Brody didn’t report him and tries to make peace, which they did.

Brody realise he still loves Ziggy and he and Ziggy went on a non-date together at Salt. Brody participate Summer Bay Glow Day, hosted by Coco Astoni and Ben volunteered to partnered up with Brody to avoid Ziggy being partnered up with Brody. Ben and Brody became partners and had fun together. At the end of the event, Ben and Brody start talking and Brody asked Ben if he is okay that he and Ziggy hang out next week as friends and Ben accepts.

Brody, who now works at the Diner, makes a three course meal for a food critic and at the same time, he saw Ziggy’s ex-boyfriend Jarrod McGregor in town, who is looking for Ziggy. Brody warns Ziggy about Jarrod, who already knew. When Brody tries to warn her, she tells him stay out of her business. Brody later goes to the Farmhouse and told Ben and Maggie about Jarrod, whom Ziggy didn’t even tell her parents about. Ben thanks Brody for telling him straightaway. Brody and Ziggy argue when she found out that Brody told her parents about Jarrod.

Brody admits to Ziggy that he is jealous when he sees her with Jarrod. Brody was hurt when Ziggy get into Jarrod’s car and drove off together. Brody decided to get Salt back and he and Justin clashes with the owner, until Willow Harris inverts and helps Brody. Brody got Salt back and decided to host a relaunch party at the restaurant and invited the whole town, especially Ziggy, who was happy for Brody. On the night of the relaunch party, Brody was hurt when Ziggy came to the party with Jarrod.

However, Ziggy told Brody that she still loves him and what she had with Jarrod wasn’t real, not as real as what she had with Brody. Ziggy admits to Brody that she chooses him and end things with Jarrod for good. Brody says a speech and thanks Ben on behalf. Ben then finally gives Brody and Ziggy his blessing and Brody and Ziggy reunite their relationship, delighting Maggie. Brody and Ziggy were later seen dancing together. Brody and Ziggy were seen together again gathering around the bonfire at the beach with many residents of Summer to mourn the sudden death of Kat.


Brody has short dark brown hair and blue eyes. He wore a lot of flannel shirts or long sleeves shirts and wore long tight pants and sneakers. He has a beard, he didn't shave his beard until August 2017 he shaved it. When he works at Salt, he wore a white chef's outfit in 2016 and later swap it into a blue denim shirt.


Colby Lee - late father

Kate Lee - late mother

Justin Morgan - older brother

Tori Morgan - older sister

Mason Morgan - younger brother

Raffy Morrison - younger half-sister

Ava Gilbert - niece

Love Interests

Jeannie Woods

Jeannie is Brody's ex-girlfriend. Brody meet Jeannie at a Volley Ball event, hosted by Evie and Brody became attracted to her, but was annoyed that Matt likes Jeannie too. When Jeannie starts working at Salt, she flirts with Brody. After Jeannie gave Brody a kiss on the cheek, Brody attempts to kiss her back, but she pushes him, causing him to knock over supplies. Jeannie quits her job as she felt guilty for pushing Brody. Brody gave Jeannie her job back and gave her a box of strawberries.

She kisses him and they start a relationship. When Brody and Jeannie went on their first date, Jeannie told Brody that her parents kicked her out of the house and Brody invites her to stay at his place. The next day, Jeannie's father Randall Woods arrived and confronts Brody. But Randall calmed down and thanked Brody for being Jeannie's friend. Randall tells Brody that he cannot touch Jeannie because he and Jeannie's mother are doomsday peppers. Jeannie and Brody agrees to date in secret, but Randall caught them together at Salt. Jeannie decided to end things with Brody and he agrees as she quits Salt for another job at Yabbie Creek.

Ziggy Astoni

Main article: Brody-Ziggy Relationship

Ziggy is Brody's love interest and wife. Brody meet Ziggy in a bathroom while he was in his rehab session. Ziggy asked Brody to find her from her father, Ben Astoni and Brody hides Ziggy in his car until Ben left. Brody and Ziggy bumps into each other again when she and her family comes to Summer Bay for a holiday. They became friends and swam together at the beach. But when Ziggy refused to accept that her parents decided to move to Summer Bay for good, Brody convinces her to stay, as he has a crush on her, but Ziggy tells him that she has a boyfriend named Jarrod back in the city and plans to live with him, and Brody drove her back to the city, but returns when Ziggy calls him to pick her up after she discovered Jarrod cheating on her. Ziggy moves on and she and Brody kiss. Brody breaks up with Ziggy because he didn't want to get in the way of her & her father. After hanging out as friends, Brody realise he still loves Ziggy and tries to win her back. However Ziggy's ex Jarrod McGregor was in town to win Ziggy back, making Brody jealous. However, Ziggy choose Brody over Jarrod and Ben gives them his blessing, and the couple got back together.


  • Brody is compared to Heath Braxton
  • Brody's portrayer, Jackson Heywood also portayed Lachie Cladwell on the show in 2009.
  • Brody has three relationships with three blonde girls Jeannie Woods, Lena Ascot and Ziggy Astoni.
  • Brody is a few years older than Ziggy, he is in his 20s, while Ziggy is 19.
  • Brody has a tattoo under his right wrist which was seen on episode 6448.
  • He's the first family member to get married.