Brody Morgan
Occupation Chef
Restaurant owner and manager
Residence Morgan House
Gender Male
Relationships Phoebe Nicholson (possible attraction)
Jeanie Woods (girlfriend)
Unnamed ex-girlfriend
Lena Ascot (kissed)
Family Coby Lee (father, deceased)

Kate Lee (mother, deceased)
Sister in law Roseanne Morgan Justin Morgan (brother)
Mason Morgan (brother)
Tori Morgan (sister)
Raffy Morrison (half-sister)
Beth Cullen (grandmother)
Ava Gilbert (niece)
Buddy (pet dog)

First Appearance 7 June 2016
Portrayed by Jackson Heywood

Brody Morgan, also known as Bart Lee, is the brother of Justin Morgan, Tori Morgan and Mason Morgan. He's also the oldest half-brother of Raffy Morrison. He's a chef who works in Brisbane, Queensland before moving to Summer Bay. He mentioned to Evelyn McGuire that he used help his mother, Kate in the kitchen, which made him become a chef.


Brody was born as Bart Lee, to Koby and Kate Lee. Seven years before he and his siblings, Jack (Justin), Tessa (Tori) and Michael (Mason) moved to Summer Bay, Koby and Kate were murdered by Ranae Turner, Blaine Varden and Kevin "Spike" Lowe, who are still threatening him and his family. The Lees goes under witness protection by the police and were given new identities for protection and goes under as the Morgans, and Bart becomes Brody Morgan. Before being in witness protection, Brody had a girlfriend, but she left him for a girl, realising that she's a lesbian.


Brody and his two brothers, Justin and Mason Morgan were driving on the road of Yabbie Creek to Summer Bay, and their car almost crashed into Martin Ashford's, which leads Ash and Justin into a fight.

But Brody stops the fight and the brothers move on. They bump into Ash again and their sister, Tori Morgan introduced her brothers to Ash and Alf Stewart.

Brody went to the Diner with Mason and meets the owner Leah Patterson-Baker, Brody insults Leah's food in front of her face, she became offended and tells Brody and Mason to get out of the Diner.

That night, Tori found out from Mason about Brody's insults about Leah's food and was angry at him for claiming insults. Brody befriended with Phoebe Nicholson, who slept with Justin the night before and Brody made her breakfast.

A week later, when Angelo's was in trouble, Brody steps in during service. After Phoebe watched him run through service, she offered him a job as a new chef for Angelo's and Brody accepts the job. On his first day at work, Brody stops a fight between Mason and Justin, and was angry at his brothers starting a fight on his first day at work. Later, Brody apologized to Phoebe for Mason's behaviour.


  • Brody is compared to Heath Braxton.
  • Brody's portrayer, Jackson Heywood also portayed Lachie Cladwell on the show in 2009.

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