Billie Ashford
Residence 31 Saxon Avenue
Gender Female
Relationships Kyle Braxton (slept with)
Family luke ashford


Martin Ashford


First Appearance 27 April 2015
Portrayed by Tessa De Josselin

Nate Cooper (crush)

Billie is the younger sister of Martin Ashford (George Mason). After he was released from prison, Ash tried to find his sister. While attending the grave of her brother Luke, Billie is reunited with their older brother, Martin or "Ash". She attempts to drive off, but Ash stops her and they place flowers on Luke's grave together. They reminisce about their childhood and Ash tells Billie that he has been looking for her. She doubts him and tells Ash that she is still with her boyfriend Dean (Kevin Kiernan-Molloy). As Ash shows Billie around Summer Bay, they meet Ricky Sharpe(Bonnie Sveen) who assures Billie that Ash did try to find her. Billie admits that she lied about being with Dean. Ash tells Billie not to feel guilty about testifying against him, and that Dean lied to her about Ash attacking the security guard during an armed robbery. Ash also tells Billie that Dean is dead and Billie leaves. A week later, Billie returns to the Bay and meets Ash's girlfriend, Denny (Jessica Grace Smith). Ash lets Billie stay at the Braxton house and she has a one-night stand with Kyle Braxton (Nic Westaway). Kyle tells her that it was a mistake and they argue. Kyle and Billie has sex again and Ash catches them together. Ricky stops Ash from hurting Kyle and Billie apologises to Kyle for Ash's behaviour. Billie sees Ash attacking Kyle at Angelo's and she pushes her brother away from Kyle, telling him that she seduced him. Billie attempts to leave the BAy, but Ricky stops her. Billie tells Kyle that she knows he still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend Phoebe Nicholson (Isabella Giovinazzo) and agrees to be friends.

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