Ben Astoni
Gender Male
Relationships Maggie Astoni (wife)
Family Maggie Astoni (wife)

Ziggy Astoni (daughter)
Coco Astoni

First Appearance July, 2017
Portrayed by Rohan Nichol
Ben Astoni is an character on Home and Away portrayed by Rohan Nichol. The characters first appearance was in July 2017.


Ben is in his early forties and has a pretty typical dad body, which is more defined than the usual stereotype. He has black hair and stubble on his face.


Ben is just your average Aussie bloke – on the surface he’s a bit of a larrikin, laidback and cheeky, but tough as they come underneath. He loves his wife and would do anything to protect his beloved daughters. For Ben, family comes first – always – and nothing will ever be stronger than blood.


Arrival to Summer Bay

Ben arrived in Summer Bay by accident with this wife Maggie, and his two daughters Ziggy and Coco. The family was enjoying a family holiday when the family car broke down in Summer Bay.

Maggie who fell in love with the location, and who with the opportunity to buy a house, convinced Ben to move the family to Summer Bay to start a new.

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