Ben Astoni
Occupation Builder
Residence The Farmhouse
Gender Male
Relationships Maggie Astoni (wife)
Family Maggie Astoni (wife)
Ziggy Astoni (daughter)

Coco Astoni (daughter)
Diana (mother-in-law)

First Appearance 20 July 2017
Portrayed by Rohan Nichol
Ben Astoni is Maggie Astoni's husband and Ziggy Astoni and Coco Astoni's father.


After his daughter, Ziggy, runs away from him, Ben asks Brody Morgan if he has seen her. At home, Ben confronts Ziggy about stealing a car and then learns that his youngest daughter, Coco, has been suspended from school. His wife Maggie suggests that they get away from the city and visit her mother, but after Ben leaves the main road, they end up in Summer Bay. When they go to leave, the car does not start. Alf Stewart offers them a caravan, while the car is fixed overnight.

After Ziggy gets into trouble for stealing, Ben asks Martin Ashford if the car is ready, and Ash admits the clutch is not stable. The family try to leave, but Ben accidentally reverses the car into a water tank, causing a pipe to burst. He tells Alf that he will fix it, leading the family to stay in the Bay for a week. Ben befriends Justin Morgan. Maggie falls in love with the Farmhouse and she and Ben decide to buy it and the Pier Diner, which leads them to clash with business owners, Alf, Leah Patterson-Baker and Irene Roberts.

Ben and Maggie learn Ziggy has befriend with Brody Morgan, a drug addict, and ask her to stay away from him. Ben's renovation plans cause tension between Maggie and Leah, and Maggie asks him to reconsider the plans, but later changes her mind. Ben wasn't happy when he found out about Coco's new friendship with Leah's son VJ Patterson after he walks in on them and kicks VJ out.


Ben has long dark brown hair and brown eyes. He likes wearing T-shirts and board shorts

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