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Ben Astoni
Occupation Builder
Surfboard maker
Residence The Farmhouse
Gender Male
Relationships Maggie Astoni (wife)
Family Marco Astoni (brother)
Maggie Astoni (wife)
Ziggy Astoni (daughter)
Coco Astoni (daughter)
Diana (mother-in-law)
Richard (father-in-law)
Kate (sister-in-law)
First Appearance 20 July 2017
Portrayed by Rohan Nichol
Ben Astoni is Maggie Astoni's husband and Ziggy Astoni and Coco Astoni's father. He is also Diana's son-in-law.


When Ben was 18, he assaulted and punched his brother, Marco Astoni, who was drunk and was harassing Maggie and Ben steps in and punches Marco, leading Ben to have criminal record for assault.


Ben was first seen searching for his daughter Ziggy in the city, briefly encountering Brody. When Ziggy got home, Ben told her he’d told the police that she was with him at the time she’d allegedly stolen a car, but was frustrated to learn she was actually guilty, blaming her boyfriend Jarrod. His wife Maggie then came home with their younger daughter Coco, who had been suspended from school over a cyber-bullying incident. Realising the family was having troubles, Ben reluctantly agreed with Maggie’s suggestion that they go and visit her mother. He insisted on stopping in Summer Bay for a surf, only for the car to fail to start afterwards.

Alf got them a caravan for the night but then Ziggy got in trouble for stealing Kat’s wallet. Ben decided they needed to leave straightaway, despite Ash warning him that although he had got the car going the clutch was faulty, and Ben promptly reversed into a water tank. Alf agreed to let him fix it but it meant staying in Summer Bay a week. He clashed with both VJ and Justin while surfing and, unaware Justin was Ash’s partner, accused him of stealing his car when he saw him driving it. They quickly sorted out their differences but Justin managed to damage the tail light forcing them to stay another week. The family eventually agreed to stay there for the rest of the school holidays.


Ben has dark brown shaggy hair and brown eyes and a beard. He wore T-shirts and shorts and sandals or boots. He loves surfing and often wore various board shorts at the beach.


Maggie Astoni - Wife

Ziggy Astoni - Oldest Daughter

Coco Astoni - Youngest Daughter

Marco Astoni - Brother

Martin Ashford - Mate

Justin Morgan - Mate

Brody Morgan - Mate

Leah Patterson-Baker - Friend


  • Ben is compared to Rhys Sutherland.
  • Ben’s portrayer, Rohan Nichol previously starred on Home and Away as Stafford McRae in 2004.
  • Rohan Nichol starred in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith as Captain Raymus Antilles in 2005, he was the second actor to play that character, which previously played by Peter Gedsis in Star Wars: A New Hope in 1977.