Ava Gilbert
Occupation Student
Gender Female
Family Justin Morgan (father)

Nina Gilbert (mother)
Koby Lee (grandfather, deceased)
Kate Lee (grandmother, deceased)
Tori Morgan (aunt)
Brody Morgan (uncle)
Mason Morgan (uncle)
Raffy Morrison (aunt)
Beth Cullen (great-grandmother)

First Appearance 8 December 2016
Portrayed by Grace Thomas

Ava Gilbert-Lee is the daughter of Justin Morgan and Nina Gilbert. She's the niece of Tori Morgan, Brody Morgan, Mason Morgan and Raffy Morrison. She's also the granddaughter of Justin's deceased parents, Koby and Kate Lee. She lives in a house in the city with her mother.


Ava was born to Jack Lee (Justin) and Nina Gilbert, when her parents were in a relationship. But when Justin and his family were in danger, they went under witness protection and Justin had no choice, but to leave Nina to raise their daughter on her own. In order to keep Ava safe, Justin had leave Ava until the witness protection is over. Justin and his siblings moved out and move to Summer Bay. Ava hasn't seen her father in seven years. But during under protection, Justin kept an old video of him playing with baby Ava.


Ava was walking home from school with a friend and her mother, and saw Justin leaving a bench, with his cap sitting there. Ava quickly grabs the cap and returns it to him. He thanked her, before to walks home to Nina's house and Justin realize that Ava is his daughter, who is know seven years old.

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