An Eye for an Eye is a TV movie, first screened on Presto on 9th December 2015. It is also the return of Heath Braxton and Bianca Scott.


Ricky is still upset over being told by Pheobe and Ash that Brax is alive. Unaware that their conversation was monitored, one of Gunno's henchmen informs Gunno and he organises to get himself shanked and loaded onto an ambulance. Ricky kicks Ash and Pheobe out, Heath and Bianca show up and Heath punches Ash for helping Brax fake his death and not telling anyone about it. During the night Gunno and his nurse girlfriend who helped him escape kidnap baby Casey and demands that Ricky gives him $50,000 to see the baby safe again. While the girls try and get the money together Heath, Kyle and Ash head to a known hideaway of Gunno's.

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