Aden Jefferies
Aden Jefferies
Occupation Student

Kitchen Hand

Residence Summer Bay


Gender Male
Relationships Belle Taylor (Girlfriend/wife)

Nicole Franklin (Friend/Hookup/Girlfriend) Roman Harris

Family Larry Jefferies (Father)

Justin Jefferies (Brother) Sean Jefferies (Brother) Unnamed Mother (Deceased)

Stan Jefferies (Grandfather)

First Appearance 2007
Last Appearance 2010
Portrayed by Todd Lasance

Aden Jefferies first appeared in the bay in 2005, but did not appear frequently until 2007. He initially appeared as a pessimistic bully, who would constantly harass his fellow students at Summer Bay High, especially Geoff and Annie Campbell. He first appeared to be quite popular, but always kept to himself outside of school. He is particularly vicious to Geoff who shares a good relationship with Alf Stewart and Tony Holden. One day Aden locks Geoff in the boot of a car. He also makes fun of the siblings belief in god, stating that there is no god and that they are hypocrites. Fueled with rage, Geoff beats Aden unconscious. It was only when Annie Campbell swiped a bottle of scotch whiskey and got alcohol poisoning from drinking, that Aden's other side appeared, when he helped her escape trouble and find help.

Unfortunately for him Annie accused him of forcing her to drink the alcohol and assaulting her, which distressed and angered Aden. Morag, gained an interest in him and told him she would represent him for the alleged crimes against Annie. Aden told her that he had nothing to give her and she said that she would help him for free. Annie eventually confessed that Aden did not force her to do anything and was actually indeed trying to help her. Aden wanted to sue Annie for falsely accusing him.

After Aden defends Dan Baker's honour at his memorial, Belle Taylor eventually ends up writing an article on Aden, comparing him to his grandfather, Stan, a Vietnam War Hero. When Aden finds out about the article, he becomes distressed and verbally abuses Belle. Later, Aden burns the article and cries.

Alf Stewart, tells Aden that he should behave in a manner his grandfather would be proud of and to get rid of his bad boy ways. This upsets Aden, and he tries to cause trouble at school. When Cassie discovers she has HIV, Aden becomes irate at the prospect that she may have infected him in a car accident they were both involved in that had occurred many months ago. After his tests come back negative, he cries in disappointment. His doctor, surprised at his reaction to the result, asks Aden what is wrong and he confesses to something offscreen.

Later, Aden, who has been heckled by Morag about his grandfather and is asked why he presents such a nasty nature to the rest of the world, explodes one night at home, destroying the house and smashing a photograph of his grandfather with his foot. When Aden's father Larry returns home to the mess, Aden screams at him and asks him why he didnt protect him from something. Larry gets mad and tries to strangle Aden. Luckily, Aden's fight with his Dad is caught by Roman and Roman offers to take him back to his house to talk things through. But once Aden arrives at Roman's, he is upset to learn that Roman was in the army like his grandfather, and visits the structurally damaged local diner to be alone. The ceiling collapses and Aden is seriously injured and trapped. In the aftermath, whilst In hostpital, it is revealed that Aden cant remeber the fight with his Dad. Larry tries to hush Aden up and tells him he should not let anyone visit him, especially Roman. Aden allows what his dad wants. Rachel Armstrong become suspicious about Larry's cold overprotectiveness and confronts him, saying it will only be worse for Aden if he does not help his son. Larry tells Rachel Armstrong that Aden was sexually abused by his grandfather as a child, implying the abuse occurred for quite some time and that he caught Aden's grandfather, but did nothing. When Aden gets better, he cannot face going home. He tells Rachel that he gets flashbacks in the house. So Rachel asks Roman to take him in. Roman allows him to stay for how ever long he likes and adopts him almost as a son. Aden becomes attracted to Roman's daughter Nicole, but does not pursue her out of respect for Roman. Nicole tries to get Aden to sleep with her, but he has flashbacks that scare him. She asks him why he moved in and he is so distant, which causes them to temporarily dislike each other. Instead, Aden develops a small relationship with his co-worker Belle.

One day, Nicole throws a party and Melody Jones gets assaulted by Axel Hay, one of Aden's friends. When Aden finds out about this, he secretly beats Axel Hay. Belle is furious and confused as to why he had to get involved. He tells her that he had his reasons but does not elaborate.

Belle knew Aden and his antics from school and originally tells him to stay away from her, but later she sees his softer side and the two become a stronger couple. Aden visits Belle at night, by climbing through her window and asking her if it is okay if he lays with her. Belle at first is hesitant, because of Aden's bad reputation. She makes him keep their nights a secret, which makes Aden feel inferior. Belle realises how strained Aden's family dynamic is and asks him about his grandfather. She asks him about him and Aden tells her there is nothing to worry about but there obviously is. Alf sees Aden and asks him what is wrong but Aden cant say anything. Belle asks Aden if his grandfather used to beat him, but Aden can only show that he looks like hes about to cry.

Later, Aden kisses Belle. Belle begins to like Aden and wants to go further, but he deflects her attempts to take things all the way, one night Aden even lashes out at Belle for touching him. She ask's him what is wrong, but he is not able to tell her. She tells him that she never has seen him with a girlfriend and concludes that Aden is a virgin and he is scared of others finding out, a theory that angers Aden. He tells her that he never wants to see her again.


Aden and Belle

Belle goes on a date with Angelo Rosetta (Luke Jacobz), which prompts a jealous Aden to admit that he could not sleep with her because of the abuse he suffered as a child and that he is scared and confused. Afterward he tells Irene that he is sorry and will behave from now on. He also becomes nice to Geoff, when Geoff sees Aden with Belle. Belle forgives him for the way he treated her, due to his flashback and she begins to support him in a relationship.

Aden learns that Geoff and Nicole slept together and he tries again to sleep with Belle. Belle notices that he is not ready and tells him to stop and that until he finds someone who can help him, she is happy just to hold his hand, recounting on how younger Annie Campbell told her it was a big step for a couple just to hold hands. Aden eventually goes to a councillor suggested by Rachel Armstrong so he can sleep with Belle. Both of them fall in love.

When Larry injures himself while drunk and on the run for the law, he is found by his son, and Larry admits that Aden's grandfather also abused him. Aden distressed that his father did nothing to protect him, holds Larry, Rachel and Belle hostage so that his father cannot receive medical assistance, but they are rescued by Angelo. Aden is forced into counselling, and begins to come to terms with his abuse- but his relationship with Belle seems over.

However, Belle and Aden grow close again, and begin seeing one another in secret, as Belle is still dating Angelo. Aden's relationship with her deteriorates when Belle develops post-traumatic stress disorder after being attacked. She later refuses to leave hospital after being injured in a fire, and becomes addicted to the prescription medication that she takes for anxiety.

Aden's feelings for Nicole are reignited, and they have sex several times before being caught together by Belle. Roman throws Aden out for sleeping with his daughter. Drug addict Liam Murphy (Axle Whitehead) deepens the rift between Aden and Belle, but they eventually reconcile

Aden gets on a fishing trawler to have more income. There, he meets Joey Collins. They soon become friends and bond over their dislike for their fellow deckhand Robbo. It appears that Joey is harassed by Robbo and Aden doesnt know about it. One day Aden catches Robbo hurting Joey and helps her, telling her he's got her back. One night when Robbo tries to assault joey, she tells Aden she is scared and needs to tell him something. But Belle calls and Aden leaves early, leaving Joey alone. Robbo rapes Joey. At first Aden does not know, but soon suspects something is terribly wrong. He says to Joey she must go to the police otherwise Robbo will do it to others. But Joey wont. Robbo claims it was consensual and Aden is conflicted. Aden soon finds out from Nicole, that Joey is lesbian, meaning Joey did not consent. He tries to convince her to go, but she still wont. He almost tells her about his past sexual abuse but backs off when Belle implies its not a good idea. Aden beats Robbo. Soon Joey finds strength in Charlie Buckton and goes to the police.

One day Belle has pains in her stomach and goes to the doctor for help. She learns that she has cancer. She hides it from Aden as best she can. Nicole suspects that Belle has relapsed. Aden talks about having a family with Belle one day and this upsets her. Belle decides she wants to marry Aden. She proposes to him and he is shocked that a girl would propose to a man, but he aspects, nervous that he is not good enough for her. In order to pay for a wedding ring, Aden takes a loan from corrupt bookmaker Clint, and loses several football matches on Clint's instruction. He refuses to ruin Geoff's career by injuring him, however, so Clint has Aden beaten up. Belle learns that she her cancer is terminal and pushes the wedding forward, but still does not tell Aden. He is devastated to learn of her condition the day before the ceremony, but is convinced to go ahead with the wedding by Roman, who sends a letter from prison urging him to not make a mistake. He and Belle spend four weeks together as husband and wife before she dies. Following her death, Aden becomes reclusive and has sex with random women. Nicole becomes worried about him as he is always drunk and vulnerable, but Aden reverts to his high school self and goes down a path of self destruction. Irene asks Geoff to get Aden out of the house, because Belle would want him moving on with his life. Geoff reluctantly agrees to help Aden despite their issues. He eventually returns to work, and is saved by Geoff when he almost drowns in an accident, which results in them becoming friends.

Several months after Belle's death, Aden and Nicole begin a relationship, which becomes strained when Nicole tells him that she loves him, but Aden does not return the sentiment. He tells her he finds it hard after Belle and his background and that he is sorry. A repentant Aden pays Nicole more attention and they are able to get their romance back on track. Aden's older brother Justin (Matthew Walker), a solider, appears and is involved in a car accident, which causes short-term memory loss and prompts him to admit that he too was abused by their grandfather. Aden is once again angered that no-one in his family stopped his grandfather, but he later forgives his older brother. Justin regains his memory, and recalls that Larry was in the car at the time of the accident. He and Aden find their father dead. Convinced that the police will think Justin killed him, Aden decides that they should bury Larry. The police become suspicious nonetheless, and the two are arrested for murder, until a phone call made to Aden's phone from Larry confirms that he caused his own death by irresponsible driving. Morag is able to clear the boys from tampering with evidence and other crimes, on the basis of the family background. Nicole realises that Aden will never be able to move on with his past and that their relationship will not work out if Aden stay's in the town he grew up in. Nicole begins to act cold to Aden to push him away and start a new life. Aden is confused as to why Nicole is being distant. Justin convinces Aden to move to the city. When Nicole refuses to go with him, he leaves anyway for Sydney, possibly joining the army like his brother did.

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